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  • Android Pay says "Привет" to Russia

    … stores and apps – gone are the days of fumbling for credit cards and counting cash. Get the Android Pay app from Google Play and add your eligible card to get started. When you’re ready to pay, just hold your phone near the payment terminal and wait for the checkmark to appear. You can also add all your loyalty cards to Android Pay so they’re easily…

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  • Three years of striking the right (to be forgotten) balance

    … of links should also happen in other countries which have different ways of balancing privacy and access to information. Enforcing the right to be forgotten beyond Europe would set a grave precedent. There would quickly be a race to the bottom as other countries, perhaps less open and democratic than France, ordered Google to remove search links…

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  • What is YouTube’s role in the music industry?

    … The music industry is navigating a period of significant change. But while physical sales have been on the decline, advertising- and subscription-funded streaming have been a source of growth. In 2016 YouTube paid out over 1 billion USD to the music industry from ad revenue alone; and our Content ID allows the music industry to control…

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  • Partnering with E.ON to bring Project Sunroof to Germany

    …. Around 7 million German buildings are currently covered by Project Sunroof, including urban areas such as Munich, Berlin, Rhine-Main and the Ruhr area. It’s as easy as entering your address. To estimate the solar potential for individual buildings, we combined Google Earth, Google Maps, 3D models and machine learning to estimate solar generation…

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  • Google Demo Day: shining a light on European founders

    … Lehmann Chief Commercial Officer, Kenzen London’s Demo Day builds on our existing support for startups worldwide, beginning with the launch of Google for Entrepreneurs five years ago. In Europe, we support tech founders through our network of partners, our Campus spaces for startups in London, Madrid and Warsaw (our next location set to open…

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