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  • Impact and adventure: revisiting France's Google Impact Challenge

    Last year launched its first French Google Impact Challenge, a national competition for nonprofit organisations that use digital technologies to scale their work in the country. We received hundreds of ideas from non-profits across France and were blown away by the creativity, passion, and innovation we saw in the submissions.

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  • The nature of water: unveiling the most detailed view of water on Earth

    … delta sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. Blue is water, white is land, red shows areas of transition. (Source: EC JRC / Google) The change of the Mississippi over decades is just one of the hundreds of stories of similarly dramatic change around the globe; from the draining of the Aral Sea in the Middle East for crops, to the effects of dam…

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  • Celebrating five years at Campus Tel Aviv (and many more to go)

    … participants, met with distinguished guests including the President and Prime Minister of Israel, and used Campus as a platform to empower their own communities and build ambitious new companies. Startups like Syte.AI, SaferVPN and have come to Campus to learn from Googlers and get help taking their businesses global. Tal Gadot, Omer Kenet…

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  • Looking for Europe’s top entrepreneurs: The 2018 Digital Top 50 Awards

    … their businesses further—through leading professional advice, structured consulting and coaching programs, as well as access to a huge network of relevant industry contacts. Helping people embrace new digital opportunities is at the heart of our Grow with Google initiative in Europe. With the DT50 awards, we hope to recognize a new generation of entrepreneurs, and help them grow further and realize their dreams.…

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  • Continuing to create value while fighting piracy: an update

    … The internet continues to be a boon for creators, their communities, and the content industry. At Google, we are committed to helping these industries flourish online. Today, Google’s services provide content for people all around the world and generate significant revenue for rightsholders. YouTube alone has now generated over $2 billion…

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  • From self-portraits to street art: 1,000 museums at your fingertips

    … The history of art is global. Look at Van Gogh—a Dutchman who spent much of his life in France, and was inspired not only by his contemporaries but also by Japanese artists like Hiroshige. But until recently, the act of enjoying art and culture was limited by geography. Unless you could visit a museum in person, it would be hard for you…

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  • Helping young women overcome hurdles to learning computer science

    … institution Fraunhofer IAIS that helps people learn to program by explaining complex concepts in simple ways. Open Roberta is supported by our Grow with Google initiative, which trains people and businesses on important digital skills so that they can embrace new opportunities ahead. Sophie Charlotte now uses Open Roberta to teach female students…

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  • Helping refugees access education and information

    … Ahmed is an economics student from Aleppo in Syria. Last year he was forced to leave his hometown because of the war that has forced millions of his compatriots out of their country. He left his family and his studies—everything—behind to find a better future in Europe. Now safe in Berlin, his dream is to continue his studies and eventually…

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  • Building a safer web, for everyone

    … to your personal information. 1. Keeping security settings simple The Security Checkup is a quick way to control the security settings for your Google Account. You can add a recovery phone number so we can help if you’re ever locked out of your account, strengthen your password settings, see which devices are connected to your account, and more. If you…

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  • Experimenting at the crossroads of Machine Learning and arts

    …. In turn, art has inspired innovation and pushed the boundaries of technology. This remains true today. Our team at Google Arts & Culture has been curious what Machine Learning can do in the hands of artists, museums or curators to create new experiences and help unlock art for everyone. This is why we invited creative coders - think of someone who…

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  • Bringing Expeditions to 1 million students across the UK

    … to the 1 million students who have already taken an Expedition with Google Cardboard since we first introduced the Pioneer Programme, today we’re announcing our aim to reach another one million students in thousands of UK classrooms by the end of this school year. Google Expeditions for the UK: Take your students around the world in VR…

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  • Supporting nonprofits around the world this holiday season

    … relief efforts, we’ve expanded our support of Libraries Without Borders for their “Ideas Boxes” — portable multimedia centers with Internet access and their own power source. This grant will help fund 14 additional Ideas Boxes, enabling more than 90,000 refugees to access educational resources in refugee camps in Europe and Africa. Around the world…

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  • Danish business embraces digital to create jobs and save lives

    … municipalities, with 39 percent of small businesses reporting improved business results, revenues or new customers as a result of the training. In Northern Europe alone, the number of jobs requiring digital skills will double in the next 15 years, with an additional 200,000 jobs created. We want to play our part by equipping people and businesses like…

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