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  • Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

    …. And lately, we are learning more and more about how the use of semantically related phrases is one way “good” content is recognized and rewarded with rankings. In the modern SEO world, phrases like roper boots become more important not necessarily because of their monthly search volume, but because of the semantic relationship between ropers and cowboy…

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  • How to Make a Website That Search Engines Will Love

    When learning how to make a website, you also need to understand the need for your site to be SEO-friendly. What this means is that you not only make your site easier to be found on search engines, but also make it more convenient to be viewed by visitors. Below are ways on how you can create a site built for search engine dominance.

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  • 7 Cool Tools for a Blog That Will Rapidly Increase Your Traffic

    … Christy Moore is a popular Irish ballad singer who is well known for his amazing songs and lyrics. One of his songs is called, ‘Don’t forget your shovel if you want to go to work’, and it’s very apt for this article! When you’re blogging, you need tools. Tools help you to work out what to write about, how to rank on Google, help you promote your…

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  • 3 Ways To Use Keyword Planner To Improve Your Mobile Search Visibility

    … more visible to mobile searchers. Data-Driven Mobile Configuration Strategy The first thing you should do is look at your high-revenue, brand keywords to see how the majority of searchers are finding you and your competitors online. This can help you determine what mobile strategy makes the most sense for your business: responsive, adaptive, mobile…

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  • Google’s Keyword Planner Updates: Looking Trendy

    … Almost exactly one year ago I posted about Google’s then-new Keyword Planner tool. Now they’re back at it, releasing a new set of features with little to no accompanying fanfare. All of the updates seem to revolve around adding better visualization to assist advertisers with creating highly targeted campaigns from the ground up. Will it Trend?continue reading … The post Google’s Keyword Planner Updates: Looking Trendy appeared first on Dex Media. …

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  • What Can Keyword Planner Tell Us About Mobile Search Behavior?

    … If you were to ask the question posed by the title of this article a month ago, the answer would be: nothing. Unfortunately, when Google sunsetted the Keyword Tool and replaced it with Keyword Planner in July of last year, one of the things marketers lost was the ability to see traffic by device. But mobile keywords are back! Well, sort…

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