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    • How To Research A Niche Market

      How To Research A Niche Market Getting people to your website is a very important skill. It’s not just about writing content and generating a buzz around it, although those are important skills too. The work begins way before you start writing on your site, as you need to find the perfect niche – the subject of your website, and therefore learn effectively exactly how to research a niche market.

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  • Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

    … as western boots or roper boots. The table above, pulled from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, gives us the cold, statistical justification behind this decision — we want to talk about our cowboy boots because 10x more people think of what we offer in those terms. But as Google’s organic ranking formula has become more complex, the limitations…

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  • 7 Cool Tools for a Blog That Will Rapidly Increase Your Traffic

    … Ways to be Pretty Damn Happy You are a Freelancer gets a score of 72.73%, suggesting that ‘euphoric’ gets more of a emotional impact than ‘happy’ does. Sometimes, we talk about ‘power words’ in a title. For example, using ‘irresistible’ instead of ‘good’ generally captures the attention. Try out the indicator and see how you get on. 3. Seologies…

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  • 3 Ways To Use Keyword Planner To Improve Your Mobile Search Visibility

    … more visible to mobile searchers. Data-Driven Mobile Configuration Strategy The first thing you should do is look at your high-revenue, brand keywords to see how the majority of searchers are finding you and your competitors online. This can help you determine what mobile strategy makes the most sense for your business: responsive, adaptive, mobile…

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  • Google’s Keyword Planner Updates: Looking Trendy

    … Almost exactly one year ago I posted about Google’s then-new Keyword Planner tool. Now they’re back at it, releasing a new set of features with little to no accompanying fanfare. All of the updates seem to revolve around adding better visualization to assist advertisers with creating highly targeted campaigns from the ground up. Will it Trend?continue reading … The post Google’s Keyword Planner Updates: Looking Trendy appeared first on Dex Media. …

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  • What Can Keyword Planner Tell Us About Mobile Search Behavior?

    … If you were to ask the question posed by the title of this article a month ago, the answer would be: nothing. Unfortunately, when Google sunsetted the Keyword Tool and replaced it with Keyword Planner in July of last year, one of the things marketers lost was the ability to see traffic by device. But mobile keywords are back! Well, sort…

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