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  • Why and how entities are shaping location marketing

    … by Google is the Knowledge Graph panels that sometimes appear in search results. These panels typically provide a summary of relevant information about an entity — information that is collected from various sources around the web and compiled into a “card” display format. Google’s focus on understanding entities has impacted the way search results…

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  • How to monitor Google Knowledge Graph changes and performance

    … classification type. Not all Knowledge Graph panels are created equal, and Google will add more information to the panel as it discovers information about a person or company. Monitoring changes to a Knowledge Graph result can help you better understand how Google perceives you or your company. It can also validate certain optimizations you may…

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  • Brand vs. local Knowledge Graph result: Which is better?

    … Since the expansion of Google’s Knowledge Graph, I’ve been getting tons of questions around different Knowledge Graph results. One of the most frequent questions I get from my clients and business owners is regarding which Knowledge Graph result is best to have: a general brand or local panel. Before going into the answer for this question…

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  • Google Home responding with featured snippets

    … Yesterday, Google announced the Google Home with Google Assistant, an Amazon Echo competitor with really awesome hands-free search. One of the neat and expected parts of Google Home is how it uses featured snippets, knowledge graph and structured data to answer your voice queries. Danny Sullivan was able to play with it in person and he shared…

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  • The four pillars of the future of SEO

    … pillars are. 1. RankBrain Although RankBrain is the third most significant ranking factor in the Google algorithm, it is perhaps the most misunderstood one. The speculations and counter-speculations never seem to end. Since RankBrain was one of the few algorithm updates that Google first revealed to a major news publication, it has caught and held…

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  • Don’t trust Google to structure your local data

    … I have been noticing a lot of Google Answer Boxes showing up for queries with local intent these days. My recent post, Are You Doing Local Answers SEO? pointed out this fantastic result HomeAdvisor is getting for “replace furnace” queries: When clients get these local answer boxes, they often perform significantly better than regular #1…

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  • Google Adds Share Feature To Knowledge Graph Panel

    … Now when Google shows a knowledge graph panel for a search query, the knowledge panel contains a share icon which let’s searchers share the search results on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, through email or with a short link. The share icon is situated on the left of the logo in the right side knowledge panel. Here is a picture of how it looks…

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