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    • Website Features Checklist: The Ultimate Must-Haves for Your Site

      Wow. I love it when someone designs a checklist on an infographic that’s both simple and informative. My Web Programmer designed this infographic to develop a list of features they believe should be included in every small business website. I’m honestly not so sure it’s limited to small business… I believe medium businesses, large businesses, and e-commerce sites should take a look as well.

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    • Where is Google heading with mobile local search?

      In our last column we asked: Has Google killed mobile organic search? In this column we consider what Google’s plans are for those owned properties that get the prime real estate atop mobile search results, such as Google My Business (GMB) and Knowledge Graph (KG). There are five areas/initiatives that should be observed closely, as these could be prototypes for the future of ...

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  • Are you paying enough attention to reviews in your local SEO?

    … or the SEO community. The business of reputation management has changed drastically with the advent of the internet. The BrightLocal Local Customer Review Survey 2015 found that 92% of customers will read online reviews to determine whether a local business is a good one, and that 80% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal…

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  • Five of the most interesting search stories from this week

    … As spotted by Nicolai Helling on G+, Google seems to be testing a new feature which allows shoppers to search store inventory from Google My Business results. Did a June Google update benefit publishers? According to SimilarWeb, Google may have released an update in June. Roy Hinkis at SimilarWeb has looked into this, and it suggest that publishers…

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  • Nine SEO techniques that take less than 15 minutes

    … massive site with years and years worth of posts, the idea of adding rich snippets to your pages can seem terrifying. Instead, make a spreadsheet of your most popular posts, then every day go through 10 of them and implement schema markup. This should help gradually improve the CTR of your results. 3. Improve your site speed by optimising images Site…

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  • Four ways to adjust your SEO strategy for four-pack paid search ads

    … The appearance of Google’s SERP (search engine results page) periodically shifts as they experiment with new ways to display paid and organic search results to customers. The latest iteration removes the paid text ads in the right hand column (on desktop results only), but extends the paid results in organic search results. Now, up to four ads…

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  • Six lessons advertisers can learn from local SEO

    … destination. Greg Gifford gave this advice during his presentation on winning the local visibility race at Brighton SEO, pointing out that a blog with thoughtfully curated local content can become a go-to destination, providing valuable information to visitors that isn’t just about the company (but is still relevant to its message), while also building…

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  • Google My Business Video Tutorial

    … Keeping track of how your business is performing across the range of Google products has meant diving in and out of the appropriate apps – Analytics, Google+, YouTube, etc, etc. But ‘Google My Business’ makes that process much easier, giving you a convenient dashboard for all aspects of tracking business activities. Check out the video where…

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  • Video Deep Dive: Categories at Google

    …, we're going to deep dive into Google Categories, and Dan Liebson of Local SEO Guide showed us results of an experiment he did with categories at Google My Business. And Mike, you commented on this post. Can you give us your advice on choosing categories? Mike: So his experiment was that Google's advice is to pick the most specific category…

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  • How the Google My Business API Changes the Local Ecosystem

    … Google My Business, the portal for small businesses and brands to manage business listing information across various Google properties such as Maps, organic search, the Knowledge Graph, and AdWords, has been available in some form or another, under different names and guises, for several years now. Business owners were encouraged to create…

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  • The 1-Star Sucker-punch – Dropping the Ball on Online Reviews

    … media and UX – but ultimately some things slip through the cracks. This post is an example where giving the client too much a focus can actually be a bad thing… They may perform one task really well, but then struggle to adjust strategy when it matters… One of my clients has a big focus is on Local SEO: boosting the Map listing. If you Google…

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