Google: Patents

  • Exploring a newly-granted Google patent around social signals

    … Disclaimer: When discussing patents, it’s important to remember that simply filing a patent does not mean a technology is in use or will ever be used. It is simply a strong indication that an idea is being considered and likely tested. Every now and then, a patent comes across my radar that gets me excited, and one granted recently to Google…

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  • 3 Google Patents You Need To Know About In 2016

    … Google changes (after all, they perform 500–600 minor changes a year, on top of their big updates), there are ways you can stay ahead of the game. One of those ways is to understand the patents that Google is applying for and how they might impact search in the future. In this article, you’re going to learn about three patents that could have…

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  • How Trust & Unique Identification Impact Semantic Search

    There are many factors that are key to the notion of semantic search. Two that are critical to understand that have not been written about much from an SEO point of view are trust and unique identification. These two factors lie at the core of the many changes we see happening in search today, alongside Google’s ever-growing knowledge graph and their move in the direction of semantic search.

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