Google Penalties

  • 12 companies hit with a Google manual penalty

    … to a two month ban on the company ranking for its own brand name. Today this penalty would lead to a potential loss of traffic of around 12.17 million. JC Penney Showing that a penalty isn’t necessarily the fault of the company, but rather an errant SEO using black hat tactics, JC Penney suffered a huge drop from the first SERP for multiple search terms…

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  • How I Know Which of Your Links Are Bad – Link Profile Review Tips

    …. The Blank Slate Blog There are several telltale signs of a blank slate blog: generic, starter WordPress theme (often, still on a WordPress subdomain), no blog comments, spun content (does not make sense when read), no internal links, bulk content uploads on the same day, exact-match domains (EMDs), excessive advertising, and no social profile links…

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  • Deconstructing’s Organic Loss Using SEMrush

    … Dr Pete over at Moz just covered some interesting ground over Ebay.coms ranking losses on a post titled Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0 & eBay’s Very Bad Day. Set up a FREE SEMrush account to test their tool Click Here! Now unless you have access to the keywords that Moz tracks, or your own inventory of regularly tracked keywords, you have…

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