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  • Google Cracks Down on Free Product Reviews

    … If you work with publishers, influencers or affiliates and you give them free product (or service, etc.) in exchange for a post, you need to know that their site could get hit with a Google penalty if they are not “nofollow”-ing their links to your product/service. Sites with free product reviews use outbound links to link to the product page…

    Acceleration Partnersin SEO Google- 6 readers -
  • Is Google Penalizing Websites With Disallowed Pages?

    … Recently, I had a client come to me with a very interesting Google penalty. They had made a few changes to their site, nothing major, mostly tweaks to usability and layout. After these changes, their site dropped in rank. Curious, I went through each of their changes, a short list. Moving a button? Not an issue. Condensing a couple pages…

    James Parsons/ Search Engine Journalin Google- 2 readers -
  • What I Really Think of Google: A Post I’m Embarrassed to Write

    … doing letter drops or advertising in print. And I think that’s worth pointing out. A pre-Google world wide web (Ugh, I’m getting old) When I was in high school Google wasn’t really a thing. The net was only just really taking off and things like Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves were the most common ways of searching for things. Now, it is possible…

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  • Google, Affiliates, and Two Facets of Value

    … reviews, ratings, and product comparisons. So once again the subject of added value or lack thereof was brought up and underscored as the centerpiece of Google’s approach to indexing affiliate websites. I fully agree with the ungergirding principle of such approach. Furthermore, I believe that there are two facets of value that should be taken…

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate SEO Google- 4 readers -
  • Does Your Content Look Like Panda Chowder To Google?

    … Few things make content marketers more jittery than Google penalties, which can be swift, harsh and lasting. Any business owner that’s ever suffered through a penalty will use words like “painful,” “severe,” unclear” and “lengthy.” CMOs and CEOs tend to get real close and personal with their in-house SEOs and content people when their business…

    Ronell Smith/ AuthorityLabsin SEO Content Google- 12 readers -
  • How To Avoid Google Penalty and Get More Organic Traffic

    … How do you feel about search updates? From both the past and present Google updates, the basics for building a website that thrives hasn’t changed much. Read on… I’ve studied what the first Panda update did, as well as the subsequent Penguin updates. Nothing much has changed in terms of what truly makes for a sustainable website. If you’re…

    Michael Chibuzor/ John Chow dot Comin SEO Google- 23 readers -
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