Google: Penguin Update

  • Penguin 4.0: Necessary and positive improvement

    … for. As an SEO, I’ve never anticipated an algorithm update as much. Note: Non-graph embedded tweets are paraphrased quotes from a conversation between Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes and Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting at Pubcon 2016 in Las Vegas. The algorithm now devalues links rather than punishing sites This new version of Penguin…

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  • Google says Penguin 4.0 roll out now complete

    … The Google Penguin real time algorithm which started rolling out on September 23, 2016 has now rolled out fully to all of Google’s data centers. Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed this on Twitter: @jenstar yes, eh — Gary Illyes (@methode) October 13, 2016 The recovery aspect of this new Penguin algorithm started a bit after the 23rd of September…

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  • Google Penguin looks mostly at your link source, says Google

    … Another nugget of information learned from the A conversation with Google’s Gary Illyes (part 1) podcast at Marketing Land, our sister site was that Penguin is coined a “web spam” algorithm but it indeed focuses mostly on “link spam.” Google has continually told webmasters that this is a web spam algorithm, but every webmaster and SEO focuses…

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  • Give Google a break: Tackling paid links is harder than you may think

    … is in many cases unjustified, as people often take too simplistic a view of the task at hand for the search engine. Detecting and dealing with paid links is a lot harder than many people think, and there are likely good reasons why Google took longer than hoped to release the next iteration of Penguin. Here are some of the challenges Google may…

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  • Google said Penguin recoveries have started to roll out now

    … Gary Illyes from Google said tonight that those who were suffering from previous Penguin penalties should begin seeing recoveries as soon as right now. He said this on Twitter: This is one part of the Penguin update we saw happen this Friday – but this “recovery” part only started happening hours ago according to Gary Illyes. You should also…

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  • The four pillars of the future of SEO

    …-indexes them. A few months earlier, Google also integrated Panda into their main algorithm (though unlike Penguin, it does not update in real time). Notice a pattern here? Google wants to make spam fighting a central, automated function of serving search results. This is a very positive sign for website owners — cleaning up spammy backlinks…

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  • How many days has it been since the last Google Penguin Update?

    The Google Penguin Update is a filter designed to help Google combat severe forms of spam in its search results. This page tells you how long it has been since the last Penguin Update, which is helpful for those hoping to escape the penalty. Penguin operates on a periodic basis. When it happens, it catches and penalizes a set of sites.

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