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  • Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

    … courtesy Flickr CC and Balint Foldesi Related Posts Tags: google +, mark schaefer, marketing trends. facebook, Twitter Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Content Marketing, Content Shock, Facebook marketing, futurist, Google techologies, Influence and Power, Influence marketing, Mobile marketing, Return On Influence, Social Media best practices, Social Media Strategy, Twitter, YouTube and video | No Comments » All posts …

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  • Is Google really Sauron?

    ….” They develop software and launch it to “see what happens” instead of thinking through the implications for their fans and their brand. The mantra is to “fail fast” (oh how I hate that phrase) instead of patiently building something that lasts. In the most ridiculous example of this, Google convinced customers to pay them $1,500 for Google Glass…

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  • 12 ways to achieve emotional marketing for your B2B company

    … from CEB and Google, From Promotion to Emotion: Connecting B2B Customers to Brands, found that B2B brands receive twice the impact when they connect with buyers through and emotional approach versus focusing on business value. The hiccup is that B2B brands still aren’t centralizing the emotional connection in their strategy. Solutions: Focus…

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  • Five good reasons to ignore Google

    … edition was a stylish movie … and that’s not uncommon. The editors make their magazine come to life in so many amazing ways and Google be damned. Why? They don’t need search. All they need is paid subscribers. Keep it cool, keep it exclusive, and keep it away from Google! 5. When it doesn’t matter any more. I have seen the future and it is ZIte-like…

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  • Four ways augmented reality will be coming to your workplace soon

    … Pulling the plug on Google Glass had to be a disappointment to many people, especially those who put their heart into the Glass Explorer advocacy program. But I wanted to provide some good news — a report from the field that augmented reality and wearable technology is still moving ahead at a breakneck pace, although in places far away from…

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  • How to Build a Super Tribe using Google+

    … By Martin Shervington, {grow} Community Member I’ve been a Seth Godin fan ever since I read Permission Marketing in 2001. It is his book Tribes, however, that’s been on my mind lately, and I believe Google+ is the place where people can come together like never before to create those critical communities. So, here is a step-by-step guide…

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  • The Value of Social Logins for Digital Marketers

    … of the pros and cons of social logins. What I want to do in this post is give you an overview of social logins, dig into what information marketers can glean from the two most prevalent ones (Google+ and Facebook), talk about technical considerations for implementation and how social logins can enhance social CRM. Want more about social media? Get your…

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