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  • Interview with Max Minzer about Max Impact

    … Impact? Max: I saw Google+ Hangouts On Air (the video broadcast platform) being used effectively in other industries to meet new people and share news, places and ideas. There was nothing like that in the marketing industry at the time. I was using Hangouts for more private conversations already but decided to give it a try as broadcast. Also, many…

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  • Are Google Local Golden Stars Back in Canada?

    … I was pleasantly surprised today to see the golden stars return in Google. I have also noticed it’s not showing on all searches I do, so I hope it’s not just a test and that it’s actually coming back to local. I see it logged in, but not in “incognito”. I am only searching in Chrome… so not sure if browsers matter. If this is coming back…

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  • Thoughts on Local SEO

    David Mihm just sent all us local SEO’ers the poll for LSRF and it got me thinking and review local seo over the last year. I thought I share my thoughts. Thoughts on Local SEO and Marketing Online for Small Businesses Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen the search engine result pages that Google returns for Local Intent searches get more and more complex.

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