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    • Google launches new AMP testing tool

      Google has launched a new testing tool for AMP accelerated mobile pages. The new tool is available at and from within the Google Search Console. The tool works on your mobile device and uses Google’s “live web-search infrastructure” to analyze the AMP page with the real Googlebot – so the result is done in real t ...

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    • Google Search Console removes sitelinks demotion feature

      Google quietly announced on Google+ that they are removing a Google Search Console feature that almost nine years old – the ability to remote sitelinks from displaying in Google search. The feature was first introduced back in October 18, 2007 and today has been shut off. It let webmasters tell Google that they don’t want a specific URL to show up in the featured sitelinks ...

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    • Case study: JavaScript blocking Google’s view of hreflang

      The hreflang attribute has been an important part of the SEO toolkit for webmasters and digital marketers for a good many years. In order for Google to best understand your multilingual or multinational website, it is integral that your hreflang implementation is correct and that Google fully understands it.

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  • Google Search Console improves Security Issues reports

    … Google announced they have improved the Search Issues report in the Google Search Console. Specifically, the reports now provide more specific explanations of the security issues detected by Safe Browsing. The types of security issues that can show include malware, deceptive pages, harmful downloads, and uncommon downloads. The new…

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  • Google says the Google index status in the Search Console report is broken

    … to that of the Sitemap report index count. And when the numbers don’t align and shift together, it may be a sign that one of the reports is wrong. It turns out that the index status report is the one currently that is off and broken. There is not estimated time for this report to be fixed, so for now, rely on your Sitemap index report in the Google Search Console. About The Author …

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