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  • Google Plus and Social SEO Facts and Evidence

    … is shows you the facts, the results, the evidence that the way we work with clients and train people in the Academy really does work. We are building a number of client case studies which will also be released by early 2015 as well. How Social SEO using Google+ ‘works’ There is a load more information available on the PYB website, but here are a few…

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  • Google Plus Marketing Case Study Teaser

    … can safely say that myself and PYB have already helped hundreds of thousands of people learn about Google+. Cool, huh? So, this is how we did it... Using Google+ for Social SEO - full article here. Well targeted outcome as a desired Search position i.e. 'What is Google Plus?', with a back up of 'What is Google+?' Secondary benefit of ranking…

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  • The Real Challenge for SEO Agencies

    … because the work could be done perfectly well in silos, plus, the wider business would have probably had a panic attack if they’d have seen the work being produced. However, fast-forward to 2014 and manipulation is dead, to deliver SEO results you have to have buy-in from different areas of the business; IT, PR, Content, Product and Marketing just…

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  • How to Use Clean Google+ URLs & the Google+ Canonicals

    …How to share the cleanest G+ URLs by removing unwanted parameters. 1. The main Google+ Canonical URLs. 2. Some of the many types of Google+ Profile URLs. 3. The different types of Google+ Page URL parameters. 4. Sharing a G+ Post link with the 'Link to post' URLs. 5. My discussion with John Mueller on cleaner Google+ URLs. 6. How I usually…

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  • Understanding The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

    …If you already have a website, you probably know about Search Engine Optimization. Having a higher ranking means that you will have a better chance that more people will visit your site and you will have more customers leading you to a more successful business. In this article I will provide you with information about Search […]…

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  • Actually, We Don’t Think Google Hates HARO Links

    …, Help a Reporter Out — better known as HARO — is a popular service in which publishers can connect with expert sources for information, quotes, etc. (As a writer, I might use it, for example, to put out a request along the lines of "I'm working on a story about Twitter advertising and looking to hear from small businesses that are using…

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  • SEO for Ecommerce – Google and People

    … ecommerce market you have to think about people, how you catch them throughout the user journey, what you give them outside of a product and a price, and how you make your site generally interesting and link worthy. If you don’t do this your SEO strategy will fall down (if it hasn’t already), if all you want to do is sell products then all Google…

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  • The Disavow Tool Works! Real Sites, Real Recoveries!

    … threads and the odd post about negative SEO attacks, however I have seen nothing convincing (feel free to prove me wrong in the comments). We even had a client that was hit with around 10,000 Xrumer links as part of an attack, the impact on rankings?? Nothing! In fact we saw improvements. So, to say Google have brought out the disavow tool…

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  • Finally! Google Launches a Link Disavow Tool

    By Tim on October 2012 Well at long last Mr Cutts announces the anticipated link disavow tool at Pubcon: This gives webmasters the opportunity to upload a text file through webmaster tools, identifying any toxic links they believe point to their website, it does however come with a few warnings.

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