Google: Shopping

  • Nailing down ads for the holiday season

    … window-shop during these times, it’s important to target those who have demonstrated purchase intent through their recent online behavior. When prospecting or retargeting these users, dynamic display advertising is an essential step toward increasing direct revenue and staying ahead of your competition. By using third-party platforms to harness…

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  • The silent revolution of search

    … Conventional wisdom within ad tech is that search is boring. In the display ecosystem, life is exciting: in the last decade alone, thousands of niche companies have emerged, nearly as many have folded, and major new technologies have come and gone. In contrast, search seems dull: it’s still the best-performing and highest-spending channel by far…

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  • Watch This Retail Space: 2017 Retail Prediction

    Google has dominated consumer search for nearly 20 years. While this dominance continues today, there is one area of search where it is losing share rapidly: retail product search. Historically, it’s been one of Google’s biggest moneymakers, with retail search accounting for at least 25 percent of total search revenues.

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  • 7 advanced tips for Google Shopping ads

    … Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of control you have over a Google Shopping campaign? With the holidays creeping up on us, now is the time to make those shopping changes that move the needle. I’ve put together a list of seven tips to bring your shopping campaigns to the next level. Tip #1: Use the multiple-campaign method to bucket…

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