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AtGoogleTalks (or @Google Talks or Talks@Google) is a series of presentations by invited speakers sponsored by Google given at various Google offices throughout the world. The series has feature categories such as Authors@Google, Candidates@Google, Women@Google, Musicians@Google and others. For technical topics, there is Google Tech Talks (also known as EngEDU) which is dedicated to exploring areas of technology and science. Guest speakers range from present and past world leaders to little-known poets and artists. Talks range from about 40 to 70 minutes. As of February 2009 there had been over 1700 guest speakers.
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  • Empty Email Inbox: Win or Fail?

    … on the street who have a microphone and a camera: Achieving an Empty Inbox — Inbox Zero The concept of Inbox Zero was discussed by Merlin Mann in a Google Tech Talk in 2007. In this video, Mann explains the benefits of Inbox Zero and how to achieve it: Mann describes Inbox Zero as a cleaning out of not only your inbox but of your mind from…

    Carolyn Nicander Mohr/ The Wonder of Techin EMail- 26 readers -
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