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  • What happens to your marketing effort when Google search goes away?

    … owners indicate they would not want to go back to life before getting their devices, and 42% say their device is now “essential” to their everyday life. 70% of smart speaker owners say they are listening to more audio at home since acquiring their device – across news/talk, podcasts, audiobooks and music. Among smart speaker owners, 45% expect…

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  • Achieving escape velocity: The content discovery challenge

    … By Mark Schaefer My Marketing Companion co-host Tom Webster told me that within a few weeks, three of his clients all came to him with the same question: How do we get our content discovered? The answer you typically hear in our space is “create quality content and it will rise to the top” but that does not work any more. Perhaps it never has…

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  • How to keep yourself safe from social engineering attacks

    … an alternate phone number, such as a Google Voice account, or phone number apps like Ring4. In the same manner, if someone wants to mail you something, use a post office box. Never sign in to your bank accounts or give people your information when you’re using a public wifi hotspot. Wait until you get home or on to your company’s secured network. Best…

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  • 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

    … comments. Here’s my take on the next big thing(s), with comments from some marketing friends. 1) The Spawn of Artificial Intelligence What I mean by “spawn” is that AI is simply the mother technology for so many new innovations. In fact futurist Kevin Kelly stated in his wonderful book The Inevitable that nearly all innovation going forward means adding…

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  • Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

    … people communicate but not a lot of marketers are talking about this yet. 3. The Influence Crunch In 2012, influence marketing was not much of a thing but I predicted in the book Return On Influence that it would become a mainstream marketing activity. That’s one prediction I got right! The reason behind the trend is simple. Nobody sees ads on TV…

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  • 16 Essential educational resources for the marketing professional

    … of disseminating your own content. is Sean Ellis’s community devoted to creative growth strategies. It functions almost exactly as Inbound does, so you can often use it for the same purpose … growth hacking and marketing aren’t too different! Primer Primer is Google’s tutorial app for marketers. Since it is a Google…

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