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  • Finally, It’s Time to Retire Your WWW

    … in ranking. Don’t Forget Webmasters One note on this, don’t forget to update your Site Settings on Google Webmasters to specify the preferred domain. Register both the www and non-www versions of your domain with Webmasters, then click the gear icon and select the non-www version. © 2015 DK New Media. …

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  • How to Minimize Search Impact When Migrating to a New Domain

    … the impact by doing some pre-planning and post-execution work, though! Here’s a Pre-Planning SEO checklist Review the new domain’s backlinks – It’s pretty difficult to get a domain that hasn’t been used before. Do you know whether or not the domain was used before? It could have been one big SPAM factory and blocked by search engines altogether. You…

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  • How to Resubmit an Updated or New Robots.txt File

    … navigated to their robots.txt entry in Webmasters and instantly identified the issue. While preparing for the migration, their development team didn’t want the application subdomain to be indexed by search, so they disallowed access to search engines. The robots.txt file is a file found in the root of your site – – that lets…

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  • 50 Online SEO Tools for Links, Keywords and Rank Tracking

    We’re always on the lookout for great tools and with a $5 billion industry, SEO is one market that has a ton of tools to help you. Whether you’re researching you or your competitors’ backlinks, trying to identify keywords and cocurrence terms, or simply trying to monitor how your site is ranking, here are the most popular SEO tools and platforms on the market.

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  • Responsive Design and the Mobile Search Tipping Point

    … search impressions as well as an increase in mobile search visits. If you’re not seeing increased visits in your analytics, you have to check webmaster data. Remember, analytics is only measuring the people already arriving on your site. Webmasters measures how your site is performing in search results – whether the visitors actually click through…

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  • Google Webmasters Scared the Crap out of Me!

    … we’re working to ensure all of our clients’ sites are optimized. As part of our process, I’ve been using a number of tools to scrape the site looking for issues, and I’ve corrected some weird issues that Google Webmasters has revealed… like duplicate titles, etc. So… imagine my reaction when I logged into Google Webmasters this week and saw this: I…

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