• Berkens sues Twitter over hacked account

    Blogger and high-profile domain investor Mike Berkens of TheDomains.com has sued Twitter for allowing his account to be hacked and failing to rectify the problem. As industry Twitter users will no doubt already be aware, Berkens’ account @thedomains came under the control of an unknown hacker on Friday last week.

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  • Domain President? Dicker fallout continues as Schwartz unleashes tweetstorm

    … “Domain King” domain investor Rick Schwartz has twunleashed a twirade of Twitter twabuse about deleted podcasts that would put Donald Trump to shame. Starting late Sunday night and apparently still ongoing at time of publication, Schwartz has been haranguing Michael Cyger, publisher of the DomainSherpa and DNAcademy investor sites, about dozens…

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  • Hacker hostage crisis at ICANN secret key ceremony! (on TV)

    … (which are real) to watch the show and explain to me what bits reflect reality and what was plainly bogus. “There are some points about it that are quite close to how the how the root KSK administration works,” he said, describing the depiction as “kind of surreal”. “But then they take it not one but two steps further. The way the ceremony happens…

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  • Nigger.com returned to NAACP after expiration prompts $10,000 auction

    … US civil rights group the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has reclaimed the domain name nigger.com after it expired and went to auction. The names nigger.org and nigger.net were also affected, but according to Whois records the NAACP restored all three yesterday. The names had been in pending renewal/delete status…

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  • NamesCon picks if you’re not a domainer

    … I’m not going to NamesCon this year. Scheduling conflicts, personal life, blah blah blah. You don’t need to know. It’s a shame, as I’ve enjoyed the show in previous years and there’s usually plenty to be learned even if, like me, you’re not a domain investor. So while I won’t be there, I thought I’d put together a list of sessions that I’d…

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  • Industry firm stars in reality TV show

    … NCC Group, registry for the .trust gTLD and domain data escrow provider, provided several of the supporting stars for a UK reality TV game show that started a few weeks ago. Hunted is a Channel 4 show in which 10 members of the public turn “fugitive” for a month. The contestants are pursued on foot and electronically by a team of military, law…

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  • Obama formally hands internet over to UN

    … of doubt: this article is satire. None of this stuff is going to happen. I’m merely gently trolling some of the coverage the IANA transition has received in certain media outlets and on the fringes of Twitter over the last several weeks. Tweet Tagged: iana, satire, transition …

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  • Former GoDaddy VP apes Trump in Congressional bid

    … Former GoDaddy general counsel and apparent glutton for punishment Christine Jones is to run for political office for a second time. She’s looking for the Republican nomination in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, she said in an email circular yesterday. In a video announcing the candidacy, it seems pretty clear she’s taking a leaf out…

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  • ICANN bans sandwiches from Helsinki meeting

    … ICANN has announced that sandwiches have been banned from the forthcoming ICANN 56 public meeting in Helsinki. The move has been made in response to recent controversies over the availability of “inappropriate” foodstuffs during coffee and lunch breaks at the thrice-yearly policy meetings. “The board has listened, and the board has acted…

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