Governmental Advisory Committee

  • For only the second time, ICANN tells the GAC to get stuffed

    … ICANN’s board of directors has decided to formally disagree with its Governmental Advisory Committee for what I believe is only the second time in the organization’s history. In a letter to new GAC chair Thomas Schneider today, ICANN chair Steve Crocker took issue with the fact that the GAC recently advised the board to cut the GNSO from…

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  • Governments totally cool with two-letter domains

    … ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee does not plan to advise against the release of two-character domain names in new gTLDs. In fact, judging by a GAC discussion at ICANN 51 in Los Angeles yesterday, the governments of many major nations are totally cool with the idea. Under the standard Registry Agreement for new gTLD registries, all two…

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  • Governments to get more power at ICANN

    … Governments are to get more power to influence ICANN’s board of directors. Under a proposal launched late Friday, ICANN plans to make it harder for the board to reject the often-controversial advice of the Governmental Advisory Committee. Today, the board is able to reject GAC advice with a simple majority vote, which triggers a consultation…

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  • France slams ICANN after GAC rejects special treatment for .wine

    … protection for geographic indicators. GIs are protected geographic terms such as “Champagne”, “Parma” and “Cheddar” that link a product to the region in which it is traditionally produced. France has a lot of wine-related GIs. But the GAC — as I think everyone, including France, expected — failed to come to an agreement. The GAC’s London…

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  • GAC rejects multistakeholderism, tells ICANN to ignore the GNSO

    … The Governmental Advisory Committee has advised ICANN to do as it’s told and stop listening to the views of other stakeholders, on the issue of protection mechanisms for the Red Cross. In a barely believable piece of formal advice to the ICANN board this morning, part of its London communique (pdf), the GAC said: the protections due to the Red…

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  • Euro govs livid as ICANN takes .wine off ice

    … their agendas onto the industry unless all participating governments agree. The Governmental Advisory Committee was unable to come to a consensus on .wine and .vin — EU states wanted strong protection for GIs, but the US, Canada and Australia disagreed. Lacking GAC consensus, ICANN had no mandate to act on requests for individual government requests…

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