Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone (born March 21, 1958) is an American automobile salesperson, motivational speaker and author.
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  • Freakshow – A New Video Show Coming Soon

    Some of the shows on the Whatever it Takes Network are buttoned up. I would say that some of the shows on the Whatever it Takes Network buttoned down wouldn't you say? Im Chris Brogran what I am going to bring to the Whatever it Takes Network is Freak Show and I am going to put my finger on a whole different button entirely.

    Chris Brogan/ -
  • Work Life Balance?

    … I just finished watching a documentary on Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, a professional wrestler, now helping shape the WWE and sports entertainment. In it, the recurring theme was that Paul had a very strong work ethic, that he pushed harder, worked harder, did more than those around him. His intense level of dedication to his work…

    Chris Brogan/ 23 readers -
  • Find Intensity

    … between plans. The moment I STUCK to one plan (even if it’s not the PERFECT plan), everything got better. Improvements were obvious and almost instantaneous. I’ve been doing a very specific workout plan for the last seven weeks, and suddenly EVERYTHING is showing progress. Work with Intensity – there’s a vast difference between doing the work…

    Chris Brogan/ 10 readers -
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