• How to Weave Grit into Your Company’s Culture

    …, employees aren’t encouraged to innovate. Their attitudes may be positive, but they don’t help the company grow. This style nurtures nice people who can’t make hard decisions — those who quit when things get tough. 3. Authoritarian: Unsupportive and Demanding Authoritarian leaders land on the “strict” end of the spectrum. They have very high…

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  • What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

    … this episode and this one.Why we've walked away even from products that had successful launches. Failure is not the only signal that tells you to pivot.The true (and usually misunderstood) benefit of following a "lean" product creation model and creating a minimum viable product. This point will change the way you think about building your business…

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  • What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

    … In previous posts & podcast episodes, we've talked a lot about minimum viable products, getting businesses off the ground on a shoestring budget and the value of releasing rapidly. If you follow the advice you find here, you'll soon find yourself with a product or service ready to present to the world and perhaps you even orchestrate a small…

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