Grow Your List

  • Grow your list by trading mentions in emails

    … Again, I’m harping on the need for you to grow your list. I covered 3 ways to grow a list recently here. But I want to get more specific about one method. Over time, people leave your list – they move on to other things, they change their email and don’t tell you, or they just stop reading (those are the worst, because you still pay your email…

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  • Exhaustive list of ways to get more subscribers

    … I’m working on a new report, “30 Days to a Massive, Responsive List.” By no means does the report cover ALL the ways to grow a list, but I’d like to collect here an exhaustive list because I think it will be useful to many people. If your list isn’t growing, maybe this list will give you some ideas that you can implement to get more…

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  • How to Train and Motivate Your Staff to Grow Your Email List

    Take a minute to think about all the times you’ve been asked to join an email list. Now, think back to when you actually agreed to sign up. What’s the difference? For most people, signing up for a mailing list starts with an excellent customer experience. And there’s a good chance that experience comes from a positive interaction with your friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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  • The 5 Basic Steps of Starting to Build Your Email List

    … to determine the value of your subcribers and their conversion rate. One tip that holds true… don’t just give away your goodie through the form submission. Be sure to email the goodie, that way you ensure that the person utilized a valid email address! Once you’re email program has the basics, here are 15 ways to grow your email list! © 2014 DK New Media. …

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