• Methods for Migrating to Google Tag Manager v2

    … If you’ve logged into Google Tag Manager (GTM) recently, you already know that a new version (GTM v2) is now available. Here’s the skinny: GTM v2 includes a revamped interface and a few functional enhancements. Even though GTM v2 is fully backwards-compatible with old Accounts and Containers, GTM v1 Accounts need to be migrated to GTM v2. You…

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  • Facebook Explains Auto-Enhancing of Photos Uploaded via iOS App

    … was to adapt ideas from the masters and figure out automated algorithms — collectively known as computational imaging — that would apply these techniques in the right amount and the right time. We developed three computational imaging technologies drawn directly from these historical techniques: adaptive Global Tone Mapping (GTM), Local Tone Mapping (LTM…

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  • Using A Google Tag Manager Listener To Get Your Real Bounce Rate

    …, GTM has implemented event listeners. These tools place some Javascript on your pages that listen for certain events, including: Click Listener: tells GTM when someone clicks on something in your site that doesn't generate a new page Form Submit Listener: tells GTM when someone submits a form Link Click Listener: tells GTM when someone clicks…

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