Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing was originally a marketing strategy in which low-cost, unconventional means (including the use of graffiti, sticker bombing, flyer posting, etc.) were used in a (generally) localized fashion to draw attention to an idea, product, or service. Today, guerrilla marketing may also include promotion through a network of individuals, groups, or organizations working to popularize a product or idea by use of such strategies as flash mobs, viral marketing campaigns, or internet marketing.
Posts about Guerrilla Marketing
  • Integrating B2B Marketing and Sales Planning – It Starts with a Lead

    … For too long in B2B companies, the marketing and sales organizations are, to paraphrase either Wilde or Shaw, “two nations divided by a common language”. One goal – to see its company successful in a market, while at the same time feeling like there are very different ways to achieve the goal. Today, with markets and customers more sophisticated…

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  • A Better B2B Marketing Plan in 7 Steps

    Aligning the resources of your team to achieve maximum results is the challenge all marketing leaders face. After more than two decades facing this task in B2B environments, I thought it would be good to share how I prepare a better B2B Marketing Plan in 7 steps. Step 1: What am I trying to accomplish? I try to do this from a top down perspective, starting with a clean sheet o ...

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