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  • 42 Ways To Scare Off Your Customers With Bad Website Design

    … their username and password, be sure to send it to them in an email. And when they return to your site, say “Enter the e-mail address you signed up with”, not “Enter username.” Give Your Website the Best Chance of Success We’ve covered a lot of bad website design traps in this post, from first impressions to your website content and conversions. If you…

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  • 3 Simple Email InBox Management Hacks to Give You Back 1 Hour a Day

    … Booty?” you can reply once and save it as a canned response! (also, BOTH of those made up products are for EVERYBODY.) Invite to Affiliate – Have an affiliate program for your amazing offerings? Send a canned response to everyone you want to take part. Push it Off – anything you want to push off for now, give them a nice but firm “I’m up to my…

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  • The Missing Manual: The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Customers

    … Tweet it! Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers came with a manual? Whenever you buy something new, it often comes with a manual. Something that let’s the owner know how to care for it for best results. Your milk has a label that tells you to keep it refrigerated. Your shirt has a tag that tells you how to keep it looking so fresh and so clean…

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  • Premium Business Clients: A Failproof Way To Double Your Revenue in 2015

    … basis, almost every one of them has a premium level. For those who fly, not everyone flies first class. But for those who do, many would never dream of flying coach. You can find a premium fitness country club with fees that are 10 and sometimes 50 times what you would pay at 24-Hour Fitness. You can buy a car for $15,000 or you can buy a Tesla…

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  • From Solopreneur To Company: How To Scale Up Your Organization

    … of being de-listed temporarily. If you don’t change sale items back to normal price by a certain date, you’ll experience the pain of lost profits. Gain tasks push you towards growth. Unlike Prevent Pain tasks, they have no deadline. No one will notice if you don’t do them. Developing and executing a promotional content strategy for that e-commerce…

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