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  • How to Ace Your Technical SEO (With Infograph)

    … You must have heard a thousand times that ‘content is king’, and so, ever since you started thinking seriously about SEO, you have been focusing on content. It doesn’t take a hundred pieces of content for you to realize that there is something missing in this ubiquitous mantra. Yes, great content is the key to attracting powerful backlinks…

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  • 5 White Hat Link Building Tactics for Amazon Affiliate Websites

    … I'm happy to publish a guest post today by Tung Tran from Tung has been a long time reader of Niche Pursuits and now does quite well with his own niche sites. In today's post he shares some excellent white hat link building tactics in GREAT depth. I really do think these strategies will help you rank your site higher if you…

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  • Boost your Social Media Presence With These Expert Tips

    … Talking about social media and blogging in general, content is often considered the king. Undoubtedly in a way, it is. This is what you put before people, through which they start to develop thoughts about your brand’s image and then they decide whether they follow you or not. The question is whether or not content is the only thing you should…

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  • 10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2017

    … for Publications Put your expertise to use in guest blogging for a variety of publications. Some will even pay you for your blog posts in addition to the exposure they give. Use a site like to identify the large websites that accept contributions and narrow your list to those that pay for pieces. Write a Book Thanks to the ease of self…

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  • How This Guest Posting Resource Made Link Building Easier

    … It’s finally 2017 and here we are with out first post of the year so let’s make it a little special. Let’s get started. Guest posting is one of the most important tools that an SEO practitioner has to be good at. This has been true from the beginning and this is even more true today where everyone is on the internet. The process is generally…

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  • Guest Blogging Tips: How to Write a Perfect Outreach Letter

    This is a great guest post from Jessica Freeman. Guest blog posts give you an opportunity for great exposure. You get to attract the readers of popular blogs with your own ideas. Plus, you get high-quality backlinks that bring you traffic on the long run. If you get your posts published by influential bloggers, you’ll build quite a reputation for your own site.

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  • Twitter Announces Longer Tweets

    … Twitter has announced two updates that will effectively modify its current 140-allowable character limit in that only words will count. Historically, Twitter has limited tweets to 140 characters, counting every character towards the limit, including images, videos and URLs. Media attachments such as images, GIFs, videos and will no longer count…

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  • 5 Free Ways to Make Your Website More Effective NOW

    … to do when you land on Smart Passive Income? He wants you to press that shiny green “Get Started Here” button. Both SumoMe and Pat have removed every link and call to action that doesn’t contribute to that goal. Even if you don’t have a squeeze page, you can optimize your website to help you reach your goal. Take a look at the homepage of my…

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  • 10 Top Notch Ways to Get Quality Links Using Content Marketing

    I have not accepted any new guest posts on this blog in awhile, but when Irina emailed me about doing a guest post about how to get quality links using content marketing, I could not pass up the opportunity. I recently started reading Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and it’s a fantastic book.

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  • Top 5 Steps To Grow Your Instagram Account Immediately

    …, there’s no excuse for boring posts. On my MadWhips Instagram accounts, I consistently post the highest-quality photos of exotic cars, and now that’s what my followers expect to see. Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is by far the most superficial. Post pictures and content that look good, and you’ll get more likes. Create Your Brand…

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