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    • 8 Tips to Get an Unending Torrent of Helpful Blog Comments

      Blogging From Paradise currently has 6,848 approved comments. My old blog was comment-free for many months. How did I go from comment ghost town to thriving comment party? By following the steps below. Don't get it twisted; attracting an unending torrent of comments takes work but this happy toiling produces sweet benefits like: increased blog traffic greater visibilit ...

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    • 3 Steps to Claiming a Trademark for Your Niche Site or Products

      I'm happy to bring a guest post to you today from Leland Faux. Leland is an attorney that blogs at Leland blogs about trademark, copyright, and online business issues at Law of the Brand. He helps small business owners navigate these and other legal matters. If you'd like to submit a question (or get​ legal help), you can email him at

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    • Twitter Marketing: 7 Surprising Tips that Actually Work

      While Facebook steals the limelight in every social media marketing discussion, Twitter remains the best social platform for real time engagement. It also has the ideal state of affairs for brands to propagate word of mouth or advocacy, with 49% users actively talking about brands and businesses. Twitter’s potential as a marketing channel maybe clear, few people approach the p ...

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  • Should You Still Consider Shared Hosting For Your New Blog?

    … If you are planning to start a new blog, the first decision you need to make is about hosting. Do you want a self-hosted blog or you want to use any of the free platforms like out there like You can do a lot of thinking for this but at the end its boils down to, if you are blogging as a hobby or are you serious about it. If you…

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  • 5 Freelancer Specialists to Help Grow Your Blog

    … is for certain, whether you have decided to grab some help for your blog or not, consistency is the key to any successful blog. So go out there and start committing to producing great everything for your audience. Have you ever had any experience with a freelancer before? Was it good? Bad? Let everyone know in the comments because you may help someone make a decision for themselves today. The post 5 Freelancer Specialists to Help Grow Your Blog appeared first on Basic Blog Tips. …

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  • 3 Common Travel Blogger Mistakes

    … by turning course. Note: these mistakes are common to most bloggers from any niche. Especially error #1. Just because you aren't a travel blogger doesn't mean you can ignore this post. The Benefits of Correcting these Errors Expect more: new blog traffic return blog traffic email subscribers blogging profits when you own, address…

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  • Hone Your Writing Skills: 10 Tips for Creative Writing

    … your writing skills. In this article, we are going to cover 10 tips that will help you make your writing more creative and will help you become one of those writers who enjoy what they do. 1. Always note what people around you are talking about If you frequently have the problem of losing your creative inspiration, you need to know the best ways…

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  • Blogging Case Study: The Anatomy of a Perfect Guest Post

    … Meet Joe Elliott. Meet Blogging From Paradise. Joe knows guest posting. He submitted the perfect guest post to my blog recently. So perfect that it fit my blog like a glove. Seriously. Here's the post: Grow Your Blog the Fun & Smart Way (This Actually Works) Here's why it was perfect. The Selfie Peep that lead in image after you click…

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  • How to Create an Effective About-me Page

    … personal traits of character, events, pictures, family and more. On the bottom of the page is a quick list of Lauren's most popular posts, and videos. This includes active links to assist with navigation. The goal of this page is to befriend the reader. You feel much more likely to subscribe and return when you know the personality of the blogger behind…

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  • How to Build In Irresistible Brand Even if You Are a Newbie Blogger

    … aren’t getting the attention you deserve. No one seems to care. And It’s as though the more you blog, the more invisible you become. Traffic, shares and tweets? Zero. And it’s terribly annoying. The good news? You are not alone. In this post, you’ll discover how to be a super authority blogger. You’ll learn to build credibility, stand out…

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  • 5 Extremely Useful Hashtag Tracking Methods For Online Business

    … used to refine a search or even run a whole marketing campaign. In this post, I will make you familiar with the evolution of hashtags and how you can use hashtag tracking to promote your online business. Nevertheless, before we proceed, it is important to know the history of hashtags. This might sound strange, but the first hashtag was used way back…

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  • 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools That Will Help You Make Your First Sale

    … When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are special tools designed to help you make sales. Some are to keep track of your affiliate links. Some are to help increase clicks and conversions. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 affiliate marketing tools that will help you do just that. So let's get started. The 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools #1…

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  • WordPress Vs. Medium: Which One Should Bloggers Use?

    … Quickly stated, WordPress is like the Ford of the blogging world. It’s tried and true. It was there from the beginning. It’s worked for millions of websites and will continue to work for millions more. If WordPress is the Ford of the CMS world, then Medium is kind of like the Tesla. Medium stormed onto the scene back in August of 2012…

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  • 5 Priceless Lessons Learned About Guest Posting That Make You a Better Blogger

    …. And in this post, I'll share 5 great tips (lessons) about guest posting that helped me guest post in some pretty awesome blogs. Let's get started. Lesson #1: Choosing The Right Blog Is The Most Important Thing Newsflash: It’s absolutely imperative that you choose the right blog to guest post on. Why? Because although guest posting can help you get…

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