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  • GTmetrix: This Is Your Site On SPEED

    …It has been mentioned before on this blog that landing page loading time matters. Each precious second that you shave can mean more dollars in your pocket. I always thought that I did a pretty good job of keeping my landing pages fast. I used small, optimized images, had a good server, etc. But that […]…

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  • How To Set Up A Postback URL with CPV Lab

    …CPV Lab has been my tracking platform of choice ever since it launched. Despite the name, it can be used to track just about any type of traffic, not just CPV/PPV. I’ve used it for PPV, Facebook, Media Buys, and Mobile. Recently I had a campaign that required a Postback URL (also called Server-to-Server Pixel) for […]…

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  • Targeting Campaigns By Demographic

    …A popular technique is to target your campaigns with demographics. This is easy to do on Facebook, and it can be done on PPV as well with a little bit more work. Here is a basic strategy to get you started. 1. Go to 2. Enter the url of the offer that you…

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