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A hacker is an adherent of the subculture that originally emerged in academia in the 1960s, around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC) and MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.A hacker is one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming and circumventing limitations of programming systems and who tries to extend their capabilities The act of engaging in activities (such as programming or other media) in a spirit of playfulness and exploration is termed hacking. However the defining characteristic of a hacker is not the activities performed themselves (e.g.
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  • Facebook Highlights 2014 Hacks

    … The hacker culture was alive and well within Facebook Engineering in 2014, as the company held 17 hackathons over the course of the year. Six of the social network’s favorite hacks of 2014 were highlighted in a blog post. The introduction to the post reads: We’ve celebrated a lot of big moments and launches over the last year — Facebook’s…

    David Cohen/ AllFacebookin Social- 17 readers -
  • Basic hacking skills

    … advice is to start by learning python because it’s so powerful and also easy to learn as 1st programming language. Here is a link to an easy step by step video series that will help you to get started with python language. 2. Get one of the open-source Unixes and learn to use and run it. Yes, there are other operating systems in the world besides…

    selman.us- 6 readers -
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