Hard Questions

    • Hard Questions: Are We Winning the War On Terrorism Online?

      By Monika Bickert, Head of Global Policy Management, and Brian Fishman, Head of Counterterrorism Policy, Facebook In recent decades, as it’s become clear that the internet can be used to connect people both for good and for ill, Facebook and other social media companies have made it a priority to minimize the way criminals can use new technology.

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    • Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us?

      By David Ginsberg, Director of Research, and Moira Burke, Research Scientist at Facebook With people spending more time on social media, many rightly wonder whether that time is good for us. Do people connect in meaningful ways online? Or are they simply consuming trivial updates and polarizing memes at the expense of time with loved ones? These are critical questions for Sil ...

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  • Hard Questions: A Live Interview With Sheryl Sandberg

    … By Elliot Schrage, Vice President of Policy and Communications Since its launch last June, Hard Questions has explored difficult topics that matter to Facebook’s global community — explicitly and openly confronting our handling of terrorism, hate speech and Russian ads on the platform. Your response to Hard Questions inspired us to open a new…

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  • Hard Questions: More on Russian Ads

    … By Elliot Schrage, Vice President of Policy and Communications 1) Why did Facebook finally decide to share the ads with Congress? As our General Counsel has explained, this is an extraordinary investigation — one that raises questions that go to the integrity of the US elections. After an extensive legal and policy review, we’ve concluded…

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  • Hard Questions: What Should Happen to People’s Online Identity When They Die?

    … friends – friends who are still alive and don’t want their messages to become public? These questions — how to weigh survivors’ competing interests, determine the wishes of the deceased, and protect the privacy of third parties – have been some of the toughest we’ve confronted, and we still don’t have all the answers. Laws may provide clarity…

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  • Hard Questions: Hate Speech

    … series Hard Questions. We want your input on what other topics we should address — and what we could be doing better. Please send suggestions to hardquestions@fb.com. *What’s in the numbers: These numbers represent an average from April and May 2017. These numbers reflect content that was reported for hate speech and subsequently deleted…

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  • Hard Questions: How We Counter Terrorism

    … By Monika Bickert, Director of Global Policy Management, and Brian Fishman, Counterterrorism Policy Manager In the wake of recent terror attacks, people have questioned the role of tech companies in fighting terrorism online. We want to answer those questions head on. We agree with those who say that social media should not be a place where…

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  • Hard Questions

    … that conversation. So today, we’re starting a new effort to talk more openly about some complex subjects. We hope this will be a place not only to explain some of our choices but also explore hard questions, such as: How should platforms approach keeping terrorists from spreading propaganda online? After a person dies, what should happen…

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