Haro is a town and municipality in the northwest of La Rioja province in northern Spain. It is known for its fine red wine and every year the Haro Wine Festival is held where locals hold a wine battle.It has an important architectural heritage, including the main entrance of the Santo Tomás Church, the work of Felipe Vigarny, numerous palaces, and the old town, which was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1975.Apart from its role as home to many of the great bodegas in La Rioja, one of Haro's other claims to fame is that it was the first town in Spain to have electric street lighting.
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    • 12 Resources to Find and Pitch Reporters and Journalists

      Agility PR Solutions – A suite of products and services are trusted by PR agencies and organizations across the world. Bitesize PR – We make it easy for small businesses to find and respond to great media opportunities. Gorkana – the most comprehensive and accurate media intelligence in the UK. Help A Reporter Out – From The New York Times, to ABC News, to HuffingtonPost.

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  • Improving Your HARO Repurposing Efforts

    … I’m a big fan of HARO (Help A Reporter Out). I wrote a guide on it on here, and since then I’ve written a guide to repurposing HARO requests over on State of Digital. This is a follow-up to the latter – a quick, head-slappingly, can’t-believe-I-didn’t-think-of-it-sooner follow-up tip. To be fair, the entirety of this blog post can be summed up…

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  • Grab Attention Via Your Customer’s Content Inner Circle

    … attention. The growth of content marketing is transforming every brand, company and entrepreneur into a media entity. As a result more and more content and information is available yet we still only have 24 hour to spend per day. Business Grow’s Mark Schaefer posited that the growing amount of content would outstrip people’s physical ability to consume…

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  • 3 Content Marketing Opportunities You Are Missing

    … of blogs and media entities. Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich is the poster child of guest posting. He used it to build Buffer’s initial user base. Write a regular column for a blog or media entity. This is a traditional media approach. Depending on the publication, there may be a lot of competition. I started my online writing as a columnist for ClickZ…

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  • Content Marketing Performance Checklist: 1H2015

    … your way up the process. Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Respond to HARO requests. This is free. Help others craft their content. Exchange articles with people who follow you. Provide content for others who are interested in your topic. It helps if you build a relationship on social media first. Comment on other people’s blogs. Show original…

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  • 3 HARO Requests You Should Avoid

    … that got kicked back for a variety of “legal reasons”. Some of which were: Live call-in interviewsTopics on a sensitive subject I get the live call-in interviews. Most copy that gets sent out gets reviewed by legal and doing a live call-in would most likely give a legal team a heart attack. While it may not seem like a big deal, you want to make sure…

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  • Doing SEO For Your Clients’ Clients

    … if it’s not something that you can utilise – although if it is, this could be worthwhile to you… With that in mind, I’ll cut to the chase… I do a bit of work for Welsh ICE, a co-working space and startup hub/community based just outside Cardiff. It’s also where I’m based as a freelancer. As part of the work, I’ve been keeping an eye out for HARO…

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  • 9 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Pitch

    …. Want the best advice for pitching journalists? Get your free “Pitch Perfect” guide now! 6. Move fast Speed is key, especially when using a resource like HARO. Reporters have aggressive deadlines, so they often have to use a source that responds immediately, even if they have less expertise and insight than you. 7. Think like a reporter Reporters…

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  • HARO Hurrah – A HARO Case Study, Guide & Tips

    … A few months ago, I finally signed up to HARO (Help A Reporter Out), after hearing good things about it (e.g. it’s listed in Jon Cooper’s mighty Link Building Tactics post) and getting a glimpse into how it worked during my last agency role (the marketing manager was signed up to it and used to pass SEO-themed requests onto me). For those…

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  • Actually, We Don’t Think Google Hates HARO Links

    …, Help a Reporter Out — better known as HARO — is a popular service in which publishers can connect with expert sources for information, quotes, etc. (As a writer, I might use it, for example, to put out a request along the lines of "I'm working on a story about Twitter advertising and looking to hear from small businesses that are using…

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