Hashtag Activism

  • The Limits of Hashtag Activism

    … The Limits of Hashtag Activism October 2, 2015 by Justin McGee Leave a Comment As a result of 24-hour cable news cycle, relentlessness of the internet and ubiquitousness of social media, for better or worse, we are, in some ways, more in tune with the world than ever before. Twitter helped spur on the Arab Spring in 2011, ignite the search…

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  • #Hashtag Activism: Talk is Cheap

    Oh, you retweeted to #BringBackOurGirls? Well, give yourself a self-congratulatory pat on the back for giving two seconds of your time to save the world before checking Facebook and scrolling through cat posts on Tumblr. Yes, I am a cynic when it comes to social media activism. There’s no denying that it spreads the word, but so much of hashtag activism just doesn’t sit right ...

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