Hate Mail

Hate mail (as electronic, posted, or otherwise) is a form of harassment, usually consisting of invective and potentially intimidating or threatening comments towards the recipient. Hate mail often contains exceptionally abusive, foul or otherwise hurtful language.The recipient may receive disparaging remarks concerning their ethnicity, sexuality, religion, intelligence, political ideology, sense of ethics, or sense of aesthetics. The text of hate mail often contains profanity, or it may simply contain a negative, disappropriating message.
Posts about Hate Mail
  • Shut up or speak your mind? The struggle in today’s hyper-sensitive world

    … by the dozens within hours. I even got hate mail, telling me to take down that post because how dare I tell a successful person what to do. For me, it was simply a post about branding, but many turned it into a controversy about power and gender. It has changed me That was a long time ago, but the impact has stayed with me. Before I write a new post…

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  • News: Why Promoted Posts on Facebook are BAD news

    … your page AND People who like your page and their friends. In previous Facebook news updates, we warned you against promoting to “friends” of your fans because it’s a waste of time, effort, money – and causes tons of hate mail. The backlash to these ads in your newsfeed is brutal. You only want to promote your best, most profitable content…

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  • Facebook Marketing News Update :: How to Handle Haters

    … March 22, 2013 Facebook Marketing News Update :: How to Handle Haters Welcome to today’s Facebook Marketing News Update. Today, we’re talking about how to avoid attracting hate mail for your Sponsored Stories, Promoted Posts, and Page Post Ads on Facebook. How to handle the haters … It’s not about you. People who post hateful comments…

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