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    • How to Make Shopping for Small Business Healthcare Easy

      Out of the many challenging aspects of adult life, surely one of the most frustrating is dealing with insurance. This is true for both individuals and for companies considering small business healthcare. Because there aren’t immediate and tangible benefits, paying for insurance can feel like dumping money into a black hole. But going without health insurance could get you into real trouble.

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  • How to Ease the Burden of Small Business Health Care

    … Health care has been a sensitive subject in recent years. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a controversial law, and now there is a fresh wave of tension in the wake of president-elect Trump’s promise to repeal it. American health care operated in a broken system before Obamacare was passed, but the ACA has not necessarily relieved the strain…

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  • United Healthcare Is the Easy Choice for Small Businesses

    … insurance company making it easier for small businesses to do just that is United Healthcare. A New and Simpler Way to Shop for Health Insurance United Healthcare has created a new site particularly suited to the needs of small businesses. Instead of going through the hassle of talking to an associate on the phone or sifting through piles of paperwork…

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