Healthy Domains Initiative

    • PIR slams brakes on “UDRP for copyright”

      Public Interest Registry has “paused” its plan to allow copyright owners to seize .org domains used for piracy. In a statement last night, PIR said the plans were being shelved in response to publicly expressed concerns. The Systemic Copyright Infringement Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy was an in-house development, but had made its way into the Domain Name Associatio ...

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    • The Pirate Bay likely to be sunk as .org adopts “UDRP for copyright”

      Controversial piracy site The Pirate Bay is likely to be the first victim of a new industry initiative being described as “UDRP for copyright”. The Domain Name Association today published a set of voluntary “healthy practices” that domain registries can adopt to help keep their TLDs clean of malware, child abuse material, fake pharmacies and mass piracy.

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  • “Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

    … the Domain Name Association’s Healthy Domains Initiative, which is working on voluntary best practices governing when registries and registrars should suspend domain names. Lawyer Kathy Kleiman of the NCUC said the HDI was basically “SOPA behind closed doors”. SOPA was the hugely controversial proposed US federal legislation that would have…

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  • Donuts makes Hollywood content policing deal

    … by discussing the definition of “large scale” or timing, but he did say that the MPAA has an obligation to do manual research into each domain is wants suspending. After it receives a report from the MPAA, Donuts will reach out to the registrar and registrant to ask for an explanation of the alleged piracy. A decision to suspend the domain…

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