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    • Democratizing AI – Making the NOW Available for All

      August 3, 2017 Bots, artificial intelligence, and personal digital assistants are the new norm in the quickly changing realm of marketing and advertising. Though the technology may seem daunting to any business, there are simple solutions for any size organization to realize a positive impact from embracing such change.

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    • Our PPC Training is Not for the Weak-Minded

      July 27, 2017 At Hero Conf we challenge you to question your best practices, to reinvent your current campaigns and to go beyond the fundamentals to implement the most advanced techniques within your accounts. We throw nearly 11 hours of PPC-specific content at you, mixed with dedicated breaks & after-hours activities to rub elbows with the industry’s finest, all within two days.

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    • Why Hero Conf Calls London Home – Year After Year!

      August 10, 2017 Easy to get to but hard to leave, London is a uniquely diverse city with some of the world’s best sites. Whether you are looking to take in the iconic skyline from the London Eye or immerse yourself in culture at the British Museum, London has something for everyone. Which is why it’s been so easy to make the decision to bring Hero Conf back to the UK capital, again and again.

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  • London Workshops for Account, Agency, and Excel Heroes!

    … July 20, 2017 One of the most valuable pieces of the Hero Conf experience is our day 3 workshops that dive deep into the topics most relevant to today’s PPC marketer. And we’ve expanded our offerings to include three great options that are applicable regardless of role or seniority. Join us in London, 23-25 October to experience these great…

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  • 2 Weeks Left to Save £350 at Hero Conf London!

    … July 13, 2017 Do you love the content you read on PPC Hero? Do you sometimes wish there was a way to soak in all in a little faster? We’ve got your solution! Join us for PPC Hero Live, at Hero Conf London, 23-25 October at the Brewery. Hero Conf brings together the most relevant and actionable topics in the world of PPC, for three days…

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  • Right Now: 50 Hero Conf Austin Tickets at Up To 50% Off!

    … July 6, 2017 It’s here! Registration for Hero Conf Austin is now open! We’re headed back to the Live Music Capital of the World, April 16-18, 2018 at the Hilton Austin. And we’re excited to roll out a whole slew of changes, to our topics, to our session types, to our networking experiences, and to the schedule layout itself! But our biggest…

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  • What’s New at Hero Conf London?

    … June 29, 2017 As our bag of paid media tricks expands, changes, grows to meet the ever-changing digital landscape, so does our approach to educating the industry. At Hero Conf London, 23-25 October, we’re working to ensure you stay at the forefront of this constant evolution. We’ll soon be rolling out more defined topic tracks, expanded…

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  • Come for the Content, Stay for the Networking

    … June 22, 2017 At Hero Conf, we strive to provide content that is actionable for PPC roles across the board, however for some, priceless value is found in the conversations held outside the meeting room. Networking and peer outreach is vital in an era of sharing. We share our cars through Uber, our homes through Airbnb, our support through…

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  • Be Part of a Bigger PPC Network

    … June 8, 2017 Be part of the Hero Conf network. Hero Conf returns to the heart of London for three days of professional development you don’t want to miss. Hosted 23-25 October at The Brewery, Hero Conf will give you 30 hours of the newest, most relevant PPC content, topped with nearly 15 hours of networking. Hero Conf casts a wide net…

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  • Get the Skills to Grow Your Agency by 25% – YOY!

    … Hero and Hero Conf, is proud to introduce our first Agency Growth Summit, August 22-23 in New York City. Join an exclusive group of agency executives as we accelerate your learning by 2 years, in just 2 days. You’ll hear sessions on: The State of Digital Agencies (from the author or Madison Avenue Manslaughter) Generating a Predictable Sales…

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  • Your Final Day to Save £500 at Hero Conf London

    … May 31, 2017 If PPC is what you do, then Hero Conf is where your tribe is. Don’t miss it. -AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn Ads Evangelist, B2Linked We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. PPC is tough. And it’s rare to find other professionals who understand what you do, the difficult decisions you face, and the relentless pace of change…

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  • Explore the Breadth of Hero Conf London – at 35% Off!

    … May 25, 2017 Hero Conf London returns, 23-25 October, at the Brewery in central London! The event brings back our best speakers from 2016, but introduces the newest, most relevant topics for PPC learning. So what do we mean when we say “all-PPC?” Right now, you can explore the breadth of topics we’ll cover at Hero Conf London. From paid…

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  • Our Top Speakers Return to London – Register Now at £500 Off!

    … May 18, 2017 Your feedback is what drives the continuous evolution of Hero Conf events. From networking to content, and speakers to topics, attendee surveys help us decide exactly which changes we need to make, which topics we need to add, and what schedule tweaks we need to consider. That’s why we’re excited to announce the return of our…

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  • We Want Your Speaking Pitch…Now!

    … May 9, 2017 Fresh off of truly fantastic experience at Hero Conf Los Angeles (91% of attendees say they’ll be returning), we’re jumping right back into planning for our next event. And we need your help. Our speakers are the single most important part of our live event experience. So here is the open call to make your voice heard. Through…

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  • 1 Week to Hero Conf Los Angeles

    … April 11, 2017 Grab One of our Last Tickets, Before They’re All Gone! Hero Conf Los Angeles kicks off with our Welcome Reception, live from the pool deck at JW Marriott Los Angeles LA LIVE on Monday night. That means you have just days to claim your seat at the World’s Largest All-PPC Event, before it’s just too late. We’ve finalized…

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  • Hear Why Your Peers are Headed to LA!

    … April 4, 2017 14 days. That’s how long you’ve got to join what is simply the best PPC conference out there. And yes, we’re speaking from a place of complete and total bias. But we truly believe Hero Conf Los Angeles is a can’t-miss annual event. We’ve told you just about everything we can. From the 40 incredible sessions to the 10 unique…

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  • A Pool Party, Lucky Strike, and Hundreds of PPC Geeks

    … March 21, 2017 Have a Little Fun While You Build a Powerful PPC Network Hero Conf Los Angeles is one short month away. We’ve told you about the 5, industry-leading keynotes from brands like Facebook, Google and Bing. We’ve shared the 41 sessions on paid search, social, mobile, programmatic, CRO and more. We touched on the Hero Conf Advanced…

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