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    • Your PPC Golden Ticket to Hero Conf LA

      January 10, 2017 The new year is here! And as an avid reader of PPC Hero and friend of Hanapin Marketing, we’d like to say thanks by offering up the chance to win your way to Hero Conf Los Angeles, April 18-20, 2017, on us! We have 3 golden tickets for Hero Conf LA and all you have to do is keep reading to win one! We’re hiding our golden PPC friends within the content on PPC Hero over t.

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    • Our All-PPC Schedule for LA is Now Live! Save $400 Now»

      January 19, 2017 You can now get the info you need to register before our 25% off Early Bird pricing expires on 1/31. We’re adding new sessions daily to our schedule for Hero Conf Los Angeles, and it includes updates that hard-working PPC-ers just can’t miss. Hero Conf is just around the corner, April 18-20 at the JW Marriott Los Angeles LA Live.

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  • Sign up Now – For Your Chance to attend Hero Conf LA Free!

    … Attribution And More! On top of the excellent content, we’re adding details to our 10 Los Angeles specific networking events – your chance to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in PPC and build a network of quality and dedicated search and social marketers to share ideas. We’ll roll out the details over the next few months and want to be sure…

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  • Pitch to Speak Now: Hero Conf LA is Calling!

    … December 1, 2016 The deadline for speaker pitches to Hero Conf Los Angeles is midnight Friday, December 2. If that’s enough to remind you to get writing, then head on over and pitch now! Want to learn more about what the process entails? Well please, read on. Hero Conf is headed to the JW Marriott Los Angeles LA Live April 18-20, 2017…

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  • Extended One Day Only! Get $600 Off Hero Conf LA

    … the opportunity to join us for Hero Conf Los Angeles – April 18-20 – at the best rates possible. So we’re extending our Super Early Bird pricing one day only and giving you one more chance to attend the World’s Largest All-PPC Event at $600 off the regular conference price. Now, you might ask, “even with the discount, what makes Hero Conf worth the time…

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  • $600 Off Your Ticket To Hero Conf Los Angeles, Through 11/28!

    …? Benefits include: 40 relevant, actionable PPC sessions, sure to have lasting impact on your accounts 4 world-class keynotes from industry luminaries and the biggest platforms in the business 10 Los Angeles specific networking opportunities designed to help you build your personal brand The return of the Hero Conf Advanced track…

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  • The Evolution of Hero Conf

    … November 10, 2016 Where did Hero Conf come from? What was the idea behind creating an event that caters to such a specific group of advertisers in an already crowded market? It’s a pretty interesting story, actually. One that informs a lot of what you see when you attend our events. In 2012, the market was ripe with digital advertising…

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  • How AI Is Shaping The Future Of PPC – Hero Conf London Takeaways

    … November 4, 2016 Last week’s Hero Conf London event showcased dozens of excellent speakers who all made thought-provoking points. However, the most memorable moments for me were when the speakers gave their best prediction of the future. Sophie Newton of Brainlabs spoke on the future automation of PPC during her opening keynote. Various…

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  • 4 World-Class Hero Conf London Keynotes

    … October 13, 2016 There are just 11 days remaining until PPC Heroes far and wide meet for London’s Only All-PPC Event. From 24-26 October, nearly 300 of our closest friends will join us at etc.venues St Paul’s for 40 brand new paid search sessions, 10 unique networking opportunities and 1 incredible experience. We’ll also have 4 incredible…

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  • Limited Time and Seats Remain for Hero Conf London

    … October 11, 2016 Hero Conf London is less than two week away, 24-26 October at etc.venues St Paul’s. That means there is still time to claim your discounted seat at London’s Only All-PPC Event, but not much. Join industry experts like Larry Kim, Daniel Gilbert, Tor Thompson and more for 40 incredible all-PPC sessions. Network with world…

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  • Limited Seats Remain for Advanced Excel and Agency Growth Workshops

    … of topics to help you grow your agency even faster. These segments will include sessions discussing the people, products, and processes to drive innovation and foster growth. You’ll hear first hand accounts from Jeff Allen, President of Hanapin Marketing, the agency behind industry leading PPC Hero and Hero Conf. Learn how Hanapin went from startup to 50+ employees and a “Best Place to Work” 4 years running. We expect to sell out soon, so don’t delay. London’s Only All-PPC Event is only 2 weeks away. …

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  • Only 44 Seats Remain at Hero Conf London!

    … October 4, 2016 So maybe you’ve heard some talk about Hero Conf London. You’ve head about the focus on PPC or the 10 unique networking opportunities. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s an event that puts content first, with the goal to bring exciting new product and service announcements from the biggest players in the game. Well, all that’s true…

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  • One Month (and Limited Space) Remains for Hero Conf London!

    … September 27, 2016 One month. We can hardly believe it ourselves. London’s Only All-PPC Event is fast approaching, 24-26 October at etc.venues St Paul’s. And we don’t mean to scare you, but if you miss this one, you’ve got an entire year to wait for our return. What does a ticket to Hero Conf London get you? 40 all-new, all-PPC breakout…

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  • Get Your Brand in Front of Dedicated PPC Pros!

    … September 22, 2016 We’re headed to London to join nearly 300 of our best PPC friends. And we still have a limited number of opportunities for your brand to join us! Hero Conf London is 24-26 October at etc.venues St Paul’s. We’ll welcome a mix of agencies and brands all with one goal in mind: finding the information, tools and services…

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  • 9 Hero Conf London Advanced Sessions You Can’t Miss

    … September 20, 2016 Hero Conf London is only 5 weeks away, 24-26 October at etc.venues St Paul’s. If that’s enough of a reminder that you haven’t yet gotten your ticket to London’s Only All-PPC Event, we’ll drop this registration link here for convenience. If you’d like some more details (and we’ve got plenty of details), how about a rundown…

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  • Build Your PPC Network, One Pro at a Time!

    … September 15, 2016 Explore Hero Conf London Networking Do you ever feel that the people who understand your role best live mostly on Twitter? Is it sometimes difficult to find those few individuals you know you can count on for the best PPC advice? We’ve got the solution for your paid search woes. Hero Conf London is 24-26 October…

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