• Co-Produced: Condé Nast and Reynolds Brands make Cooking Magic

    … Welcome to Co-Produced, the podcast about the many hands that make cool ideas, and how they come together. In conjunction with the 2017 Digiday Awards, this four part series will bring together creatives, brand marketers, and account professionals to reveal the central role of creative collaboration in building some of this year’s most impressive…

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  • Lost in translation: The journalist’s guide to agency speak

    … As industry gurus are fond of saying, everything is content. Branded content shops are popping up everywhere to ensure that the web is in no short supply, and more and more journalists make the transition from fact-finders to “storytellers” everyday. But once they’ve settled down at their new desks and start listening to the agency buzz around…

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  • How MTVNews, Refinery29, Elite Daily and Thrillist move at the speed of social video

    … The demand for short-form video distributed over myriad platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine—has lit a fire even under the ecosystem’s fastest digital producers: publishers. How fast are they? MTVNews’ team turns out anywhere from five to 12 social videos a day, according to Rachel Zarrell, manager of social video for MTV News. To keep…

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  • Agencies on the creative process: “I can’t believe we’re still doing it this way.”

    … It’s 2016, and the tools of distribution reflect our highly digital, data-rich reality. Marketing automation tools allow us to easily reach hundreds of segments with the appropriate content, and social automation tools help us stay on top of an ever-increasing number of social channels requiring multiple posts per day. Unfortunately, the creative…

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