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  • How to Gain Traffic Over Christmas

    … the holiday seasons? Not necessarily. There are work arounds if you have little time to invest in regaining some traffic over the holiday season. Here are some of the ways you can gain extra traffic over the Christmas holidays. Don’t Publish New Content This seems strange to say especially for content mill type of websites. However, the problem…

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  • 3 Elements to Implement in a Holiday PPC Campaign

    … Halloween now seems like a distant time which means it is getting forever closer to being Christmas. For the majority of advertisers, they will have already started their holiday PPC advertising campaigns to capitalise on the on-slaughter of traffic that will go online to buy gifts for others for Christmas. If you are not one of these advertisers…

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  • PPC For The New Year: Tips And Tricks

    … Holiday It’s always a safe bet to use holidays to your marketing advantage. Your PPC ads about making your New Year’s resolutions, the changes coming to the internet in the coming year, and even the styles that people will be wearing at the ball drop will all be clickable greatness that is sure to draw in viewers. It’s what they come…

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  • 2 Points to Ending a Christmas PPC Campaign

    … Over the last few weeks, I have created some articles that look into how advertisers can benefit from the Christmas holiday shopping rush – remember that many businesses make the majority of their profit around this time of the year. This is all good when it comes to starting a holiday PPC campaign. But, when should an advertiser end one…

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  • When to Start Thinking About Christmas in PPC

    … why there are January sales). In terms of PPC, the question advertisers need to know is when to start their Christmas PPC campaigns. If they start them too soon, they will have hit a high too early on. Too late and they will not have maximised the traffic brought in from PPC. Here are a few points to take on board to help you decide when to start…

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  • Utilising the January Sales in PPC

    … At this time of year, with Christmas around the corner, advertisers of pay per click advertising need to start thinking about the next step to their pay per click campaign. For most people, they will be having too much of a jolly time to worry about their PPC campaign over Christmas. For those that want to continue the success of their campaign…

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  • Utilize And Test Holiday Ad Copy

    … Are you covering your various bases with coupon, deal, promo language? Which works best for you? Because users respond to holiday promotional items in various ways, it is critical that your ad copy not only reflect these deals, but also test them. Test copy with numerical values such as “Save 20%” versus “20% Off.” “2 for 1 Deal” versus “Buy…

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  • Getting Your Shopping Campaigns Holiday Ready

    … accounts are ready. Google has changed the way you build ads with Google Shopping so it’s important to make sure your campaigns are up-to-date and optimized. Here are four tips to help prepare your Shopping campaigns for the holiday push. Tip #1 – Create a New Campaign With all the changes that are made to a Shopping campaign during the holidays…

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  • Get Ready For Holiday PPC With These Tips

    … get closer to Christmas. For this reason, it has never been a better time to start preparing your pay per click advertising campaign for Christmas to gain the benefits of what Christmas does to consumers. Here are some ways you can get ready for holiday PPC. Use Holiday Keywords The first step, if you want to innovate your campaign instead…

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  • PPC Roundtable: Back To School

    … membership durations increasing urgency for the longer durations. We've seen great success with this in other accounts. Give it a try! Have The "Back To School" Mentality I remind myself that "back to school" is indeed a holiday that needs the same attention as holiday campaigns run during Q4. As PPC professionals, I think we sometimes forget…

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  • Back To School PPC: Get In The Bus Driver’s Seat

    … your own traffic, but also getting familiar with industry behavior and understanding your customer's buying cycle. If you've not yet anticipated your PPC Back to School timeline, these tools will assist you with the process. And if you have begun drawing in BTS shoppers, you'll be able to nail down some of the performance you can over the coming…

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