• How to Use Crowdriff for Hotel Marketing

    … Hotel Marketing and Crowdriff Once one dives into the world of online marketing, they are quick to learn that it requires an abundance of fresh, attractive content on a daily basis. Keeping up with this demand is time consuming, and even pricey at times. However, gathering content does not always mean hiring professional photographers…

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  • Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Business

    … the converse is equally true. As a business owner, it is essential to embrace online reviews, read critic suggestions, respond to customer praises and complaints, and most importantly, make necessary changes to better improve customer experience. Following these steps will not only raise the number of positive online reviews, but also increase business. The post Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Business appeared first on E-Marketing Associates - Online Marketing Products for Independent Hotels. …

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  • 2016’s Top Trending SEO Strategies for Hotels

    … Hoteliers listen up! 2016 has come to the halfway mark and there are a few SEO trends you need to be paying attention too. SEO strategies for hotels are always changing and new techniques are regularly emerging. Instead of making you search the vastness of space also known as the internet for the information you need, we’ve gone ahead and made…

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  • The Hybrid Front Desk

    … With more hotels adopting mobile and self check in kiosks the front desk experience is rapidly changing. One of the biggest concerns about automating the check in process is that it can diminish the experience for some hotel guests. Without the interaction between staff and guests, there are less opportunities to exceed guest expectations…

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  • The Value of Discounting

    … A recent study by The University of Minnesota took a look at how shoppers perceive discounts and value added items when shopping. The study found that shoppers prefer to get more for their money than to receive a flat discount. But when presented with both options they will often choose the discount. That sounds contradictory doesn’t…

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  • The Future of the Front Desk?

    … Self Service Technology has been around for a while. Airports have been using kiosks to limit lines and improve customer service. These advances are beginning to find their way into hotels and with each new advancement comes something else for hoteliers to consider. Some of the branded hotels have already begun using “Self Check In” services…

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  • Power of a Smile: 10 Tips to Smile Virtually – Delta Airlines Case Study

    … of positive brand impressions and experiences, Delta has quickly earned my loyalty and trust. The experience even inspired me to share it with my friends, family, online community and listeners to this podcast. In this episode I also share 10 tips to smile at your customers virtually via the social networks and digital platforms. Though we can’t always…

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  • Revenue Management for the Busy Hotelier

    … For smaller properties, General Managers have so many responsibilities that they can’t focus their attention for too long on any one aspect of their property. Typically they are the ones to cover shifts when their desk staff calls out, or the one running to the hardware store to pick up maintenance supplies. With their attention divided so often…

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  • The Benefits of Empowering Your Staff

    … Entry level positions have a lot of things in common regardless of the industry. Depending on the mentality of the employee, they are either jobs or careers. The only thing that really distinguishes the two is the mentality of one holding the position. In my experience, hospitality is no different. Most people started out like I did, needing…

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