Hossein Derakhshan

  • The Internet we need to save

    … into a topic that elicited both debate and passion: Is the Internet changing for the better or for the worse, and should businesses care? We were inspired by a passage in a recent post by Hossein Derakhshan. I miss when people took time to be exposed to opinions other than their own, and bothered to read more than a paragraph or 140 characters. I miss…

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  • The lost blogging monarchy, the defeat of links, and the war on social media

    I would like for you to dream for a moment. What would be like if you went into cave in 2008 and walked back into the daylight six years later? You rub your eyes and look around at your surroundings. So much has changed. Everything feels unfamiliar and new: new buildings, new cars, new technology everywhere you look.

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