In computer networking, a hostname (archaically nodename) is a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network and that is used to identify the device in various forms of electronic communication such as the World Wide Web, e-mail or Usenet. Hostnames may be simple names consisting of a single word or phrase, or they may be structured.On the Internet, hostnames may have appended the name of a Domain Name System (DNS) domain, separated from the host-specific label by a period ("dot"). In the latter form, a hostname is also called a domain name.
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  • A Google Analytics Setup Checklist

    … of this: Typical Google Analytics page report. You’ll see this: Displaying the full URL including the domain let’s you analyze visits across subdomains. We recommend creating a separate view that collects this domain information, called the Hostname in Google Analytics. Here’s the way to set up this filter on your subdomains profile: How to add…

    Brian Massey/ Marketing Landin Google- 31 readers -
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