Hotwired was the first commercial web magazine, launched on October 27, 1994. Although it was part of Wired Ventures, Hotwired was a separate entity from Wired, the print magazine, and had original content.Andrew Anker, Wired's then Vice President and CTO, wrote the original HotWired business plan. On its approval in April 1994, he became HotWired's first CEO, and oversaw the development of the website.
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  • Navigating The Modern Ad Serving Stack, Part 1: Direct Orders

    …, on the publisher’s ad server. If these conditions are not both met, it is not a direct order. It’s most likely that the impressions are coming from a third party, like an ad network or demand-side platform, who either have their own direct orders or are piggybacking off someone else (e.g., an exchange). Direct orders are especially useful for negotiating…

    Ratko Vidakovic/ Marketing Landin Display- 33 readers -
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