Hov Lanes

A high-occupancy vehicle lane (also known as an HOV lane, carpool lane, diamond lane, and transit lane or T2 or T3 lanes in Australia and New Zealand) is a restricted traffic lane reserved at peak travel times or longer for the exclusive use of vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers, including carpools, vanpools, and transit buses. The normal minimum occupancy level is 2 or 3 occupants. Many jurisdictions exempt other vehicles, including motorcycles, charter buses, emergency and law enforcement vehicles, low-emission and other green vehicles, and/or single-occupancy vehicles paying a toll.
Posts about Hov Lanes
  • Leveraging data on the programmatic superhighway

    … is analyzed to determine the right numbers of roads with the right number of lanes. They’re then built in the right locations to help people reach their destinations most efficiently. Express lanes, toll roads or HOV lanes are sometimes created — ideally, based on what the data shows. Extending our metaphor, programmatic buying analyzes data to determine…

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