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    • 26 Tips for Better Facebook Page Engagement

      Have you noticed a drop in your Facebook engagement? Wondering how you can better engage with your fans? Making small changes to what and how you post can help your Facebook updates generate clicks, likes, and comments. In this article, you’ll discover 26 tips for boosting Facebook engagement. Discover 26 tips for better engagement on your Facebook page.

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    • 5 Ways B2B Marketers Use Facebook

      Do you need to connect with other businesses on Facebook? Wondering how other brands make Facebook work for them? In this article, you’ll discover how top B2Bs use Facebook to reach and create relationships with business prospects. Discover five ways top B2Bs use Facebook. #1: Support Expert Positioning With Visuals Facebook is largely a visual social network.

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    • 10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

      Do you wish more people interacted with your Facebook posts? Looking to improve your Facebook news feed exposure? The more likes, comments, and shares you have on your page posts, the more likely your Facebook content will be seen. In this article, you’ll discover 10 ways to increase engagement on your Facebook business page posts.

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  • 3 Social Media Tactics for Businesses That Struggle With Social

    … industry. For example, you might create detailed blog posts and videos that show how to build different kinds of furniture. This type of content will attract top-of-funnel traffic and encourage social sharing to boost your reach. To generate content ideas for your business, grab a pen and paper and jot down your industry in the middle of the page…

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  • Algorithmic Business – What it is and how to become one

    … What is an algorithmic business? How to make use of algorithms? How to become an algorithmic business? With the rich interconnections between businesses, consumers, and the general public in a digital environment, a huge amount of significant data may be collected at any given time. Information regarding preferences, routines, needs, and wants may…

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  • 11 Ways to Grow Your Snapchat Following

    … Is your business on Snapchat? Looking for ways to attract new followers? One of Snapchat’s biggest challenges is its limited features for getting discovered by other users. In this article, you’ll discover 11 simple ways to grow your audience on Snapchat. Discover 11 ways to grow your following on Snapchat. #1: Connect via Your Address…

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  • How to Implement a Chatbot for Your Business

    … require coding, so you may have to hire a developer, or you can tackle the project yourself. Chatfuel – Build a chatbot without coding – that’s what Chatfuel enables you to do. According to the website, you can launch a bot in just seven minutes. The company specializes in developing chatbots for Facebook Messenger. And the best thing about Chatfuel…

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  • 4 Ways B2B Can Use Snapchat and Instagram

    … Unsure if your business can benefit from Snapchat or Instagram? Wondering how other business-to-business (B2B) companies make use of these platforms? There’s no reason to limit B2B social media marketing to LinkedIn and Twitter. In this article, you’ll discover four ways you can use Snapchat and Instagram for business. Discover four ways…

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  • 5 Ways to Earn Extra Money Online

    … It's hard to imagine life before the internet, but it definitely existed. Thanks to the genius invention of the world wide web, there is a brand-new workforce of people who make a full-time living and income online. This effort takes a lot of focus, dedication and hard work. If you're satisfied with your full-time efforts, but would like to make…

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  • How should your ad budget impact campaign building?

    … campaign. Make sure Cost, CTR, Cost/Conv, Conversions, Conv Rate, Impressions and Impression Share are selected as Columns. (For a generally useful spreadsheet beyond this experiment, also export Quality Score, Avg Position, CPC, Search Lost IS [rank].) Export data to a CSV. Open in Excel/Sheets/Numbers. Create a “Missed Conversions” column…

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  • Split A/B Testing: How to Improve Your Email Newsletters

    … for Newsletter A/B Split Testing involves splitting a small, randomly selected subset of your mailing list subscribers into two groups. Then, each of these groups receives an email that is nearly identical, except for a small tweak that you are testing. For example, you might test different subject lines or calls-to-action in order to see how…

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  • 5 Tips to Build More Loyalty With Your Twitter Fans

    … Do you want to build deeper relationships with your Twitter followers? Looking for easy ways to create loyal fans on Twitter? To reap the full benefits of Twitter, approach your engagement in a personable way. In this article, you’ll discover five ways to turn your Twitter followers into loyal fans. Discover five tips to increase loyalty…

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