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    • How to Get Started With Facebook Analytics

      Are you taking advantage of the actionable data Facebook offers marketers? Have you explored the Facebook Analytics dashboard? Facebook Analytics is a robust tool that lets marketers explore users’ interactions with advanced goal paths and sales funnels. In this article, you’ll discover how to get started with Facebook Analytics. by Bill Widmer on Social Media Examiner.

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    • How to Use LinkedIn Native Video

      Do you want more video views from LinkedIn? Wondering how uploading native video can help? Using the mobile app to record and share original, autoplay video directly on LinkedIn can boost views and engagement for your content. In this article, you’ll discover how to upload and share native video on LinkedIn via the mobile app. by Viveka von Rosen on Social Media Examiner.

      Viveka Von Rosen/ Social Media Examiner- 25 readers -
  • Specific Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Small Business

    … First impressions are everything in the business world. Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or you have a physical storefront for your small business, what customers see the first time they interact with your brand often influences how they’ll feel about you for years to come. Tips for Boosting Physical Curb Appeal From the very moment…

    Blogtrepreneur- 11 readers -
  • How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video

    Have you thought about using video in place of your Facebook cover photo? Are you looking for creative examples? In this article, you’ll discover how to use a Facebook video cover on your Facebook page. by Ana Gotter on Social Media Examiner. Why Use a Facebook Cover Video? When users visit your page, your Facebook cover photo is one of the first things they’ll notice.

    Social Media Examiner- 19 readers -
  • 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Conference Call Quality

    … nothing to do with the call, and everything to do with how the organizer has arranged or led the call. How to Improve Conference Call Quality Fortunately, there are some easy strategies you can use to improve conference call quality: 1. Be selective about who you include. One of the biggest problems with conference calls is the complexity added…

    Blogtrepreneur- 14 readers -
  • 4 Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Stay On Top of the Latest Trends

    … have to devote a ton of resources to it. With the right tools, you can create a system that alerts you when your competitors do certain things. Some of the top monitoring tools include: Google Alerts, SocialMention, Marketing Grader, and Google Keyword Planner. Try a couple of these resources and see how they help. Never Fall Behind One…

    Blogtrepreneur- 13 readers -
  • Bridging data and action: How to create killer reports

    Ask any digital marketer about the prerequisites for a successful campaign, and undoubtedly many of the answers will revolve around obtaining or making use of data points. Simply put, marketers — especially digital marketers — love data. But despite the love for pulling data, reviewing stats and identifying trends and outliers, it is no secret that formalized recurring repor ...

    Amy Bishop/ Search Engine Land- 14 readers -
  • Facebook Live Tools: An Essential Checklist for Creators

    Wondering what tools and desktop software you need to produce a Facebook Live show? Looking for a guide to tech setup and pre-show production? In this article, you’ll discover how to manage the technical side of a Facebook Live show. by Ian Anderson Gray on Social Media Examiner. #1: Gather the Equipment You Need for Your Live Broadcast During any Facebook Live show, it’ ...

    Social Media Examiner- 15 readers -
  • How to get developers to implement SEO recommendations

    … The hardest problem in doing SEO isn’t the algorithm updates. It isn’t having access to the enterprise tools. It’s not even whether or not you have the experience to determine where to focus your efforts. No, the hardest problem in SEO is getting developers to actually execute recommendations. We all walk into projects hoping to discover…

    Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 15 readers -
  • Developing YOUR audience targeting strategy

    … could and should be an RLSA campaign. So, what is the most important audience of online searchers? Yours. 2017 has been a year of growth for what is possible with remarketing, as both Google and Bing have released innovative features to help you create a custom audience that speaks to your exact business needs. Creative features such as exclusions…

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 11 readers -
  • 4 Powerful Ways To Slay The Self-Doubt That Sabotages You

    … Every entrepreneur has doubts about their ability to make it big, be a success, and change the world, but self-doubt is the troll under the bridge that will keep you from even trying. In his inspirational book The Light in the Heart, Roy T. Bennett shares, “Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don’t let the limitations of others limit…

    Blogtrepreneur- 10 readers -
  • How to Create Snapchat Ads in Snapchat Ad Manager

    … Wondering how to advertise on Snapchat? Have you explored the Snapchat Ad Manager? Businesses of all sizes can create Snap ads with the platform’s self-serve Ad Manager tool. In this article, you’ll discover how to create an ad with Snapchat Ad Manager. by Shaun Ayala on Social Media Examiner. Set Up a Snapchat Advertising Account Before…

    Social Media Examinerin How To's- 15 readers -
  • Automate Your Manual Bidding Strategy Using Supermetrics

    … regularly and have covered other uses for Supermetrics in the past, including how to automate budget projections. Now I am going to show you how to use Supermetrics to automate your manual bidding strategy. Specifically, I am going to build a bidding strategy for AdWords that optimizes on Average Position and Conversion Rate. Supermetrics Bidding…

    PPC Heroin Paid Search- 15 readers -
  • How to Easily Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

    … Interested in repurposing your blog posts into videos? Looking for a no-cost tool to simplify the process? In this article, you’ll discover a partially automated tool that turns your blog posts into shareable social media video. by Orana Velarde on Social Media Examiner. #1: Choose Your Blog Post Lumen5 is an automation tool that lets you…

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