• How to get a lot of Followers on Twitter (Methods Experts Won’t Admit)

      How to get a lot of Followers on Twitter? There are many methods to get more Twitter followers. I’m sure you’ve heard social media gurus, experts, ninjas, and social unicorns tell you a cliched of how “it’s not the quantity but the quality.“ This is true, and it’s debatable. If I were given a choice between 1000 high-quality followers and 100,000 not so high-quality fol ...

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  • How to Become a Political Consultant

    … How to Become a Political Consultant by Aaron Leave a Comment A political consultant offers public relations and communication advice to organizations and individuals. Politicians and top business executives require political consultants to maintain a positive public image. Political consultants also work for private and not-for-profit…

    Ask Aaron Leein How To's- 9 readers -
  • Business On The Run: Staying Effective While Staying Mobile

    … Business On The Run: Staying Effective While Staying Mobile by Aaron Leave a Comment There’s little argument that the smartphone is one of the most important tools that an entrepreneur can have on their person at any time. There’s the importance of being able to communicate with your team at any point. Not to mention the ability to bring up…

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  • How to delete all Instagram photos (The FAST Way)

    … sweet tool. As I mentioned, there are quite a few tools that you can use. I’ve tried a few and one worked….. really well…the others were a piece of crap. The best part is, this app is FREE and I didn’t have to upgrade after using it ONE TIME just like other apps. It’s called InstaDelete. There’s just one downside. InstaDelete only allows you…

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  • Video Creators: How-to Properly Disclose Paid Endorsement Deals

    … to in order to make sure the app was created properly. Whether you are a video giant like YouTube, a content creator, or anything in between, the FTC has some very specific guidance on how to disclose endorsements on the internet. While the underlying principles have not changed, a recent update to their “What People are Asking” page clarifies some…

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  • Use Facebook ads to preserve readers from a beloved former blog

    … I’ve written on social media cutover before, but the process we’re going through now with the merging of our two blogs is a bit different. The first time, we were changing the name of our business, so it was safe to assume that everyone following our then current accounts would continue to want to do so, hence the merging of the two pages…

    Jonathan Svilar/ 3Q Digitalin Social- 24 readers -
  • The Anatomy of YouTube: 26 Amazing Facts from the Past 10 Years

    … are uploaded per minute. “B Is for Beauty” adds over 5 billion hours of beauty tutorials and explainers have been uploaded to YouTube in the past 10 years. “C Is for Covers” reveals the rendition of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" by Working With Lemons has more than 139 million views. “D is for Dance” reports that 2.3 million Harlem Shake videos have…

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  • How-to Post an Pre-recorded, Edited Video to Instagram

    … One limitation for video uploads to Instagram is that editing the video content on your phone prior to loading it is usually a bit of a pain. There are some programs that can help you but nothing that replaces an NLE (non-linear editing system). This can lead to some frustration, but if you were to edit your video footage on a computer prior…

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  • Toy Reviews Not Toy Brands are Driving YouTube Video Views

    … Disney Princess Surprise Backpack - Frozen Giant Play Doh - MaterCarClub - 2.4M Views #3 Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Playset TheEducVideos - 2.3M Views #4 Disney Frozen Surprise Toy Eggs Where is Olaf? - MaterCarClub - 2.2M Views #5 Pocoyo Picnic Blocks Merienda Bloques Lego - disneycollectorbr - 1.2M Views #6 Lollipop Play-Doh…

    Carla Marshall/ ReelSEOin Social YouTube- 26 readers -
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