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    • 3 ways to use search query data from Google Search Console

      In my last column, I covered how you can use Google’s Search Console to learn about the health of your website. Search Console has another helpful report, called Search Analytics, which gives you an overview of how your website is performing in Google’s organic (non-paid) search results — namely, it shows some of the search queries people used to click through to your website.

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  • Weathering the Google storms

    … A good friend of mine and truly the best SEO expert I have had the privilege working with, Gregory Gromov, once referred to the Google algorithm updates and tests as “Google storms.” The coined phrase made all the sense in the world. Per Gregory, a solid SEO program provides the ballast to weather the storm, but if a storm hits and flips you…

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  • Calculating the value of organic traffic

    … Each of us is a SEO salesperson, at least in part; it’s our job to help clients understand the value delivered by our services. There are a number of time-tested ways of doing this, the most common of which is to calculate year-over-year traffic and revenue increases from the organic channel. Often, success shown by these metrics is enough…

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  • How To Uncover SEO Content Marketing Ideas With Google Search Analytics

    When Google first launched Webmaster Tools (now known as Google Search Console), I was more than skeptical of its value. I had a hard time buying into XML sitemaps as a must-have SEO asset, and the original results for keyword data were never close to what could be found in web reporting tools. Fast forward to the new year, and we all know Google Search Console has evolved significantly.

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  • How To Leverage The Google Search Analytics API

    … In the past 18 months, Google has made many changes regarding what data it provides to you about your websites and your visitors. With the change to SSL and (not provided) in analytics, many organic search analysts turned to Google Webmaster Tools (now Google Search Console), which still provides a sampled version of the more prominent…

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  • The Power & Importance Of A Search History Analysis For SEO Recovery

    When helping companies that have experienced a major drop in Google organic traffic, I almost always begin by performing a thorough search history analysis. Sure, it’s not sexy, and you probably can’t execute changes based on the findings, but it sure is darned important. Although it’s really easy to jump directly into an audit or crawl analysis, I find it’s extremely import ...

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  • 3 Steps To Find And Block Bad Bots

    … Most SEOs have heard about using Log Files to understand Googlebot behavior, but few seem to know they can be used to identify bad bots crawling your site. More and more, these bots are executing JavaScript, inflating analytics, taking resources and scraping and duplicating content. The Incapsula 2014 bot traffic report looked at 20,000…

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