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    • No content strategy is an island

      As we’re (hopefully) all aware by now, content strategy is the foundation of content marketing. But content strategy requires its own foundational elements, too. Without them, that strategy is very, very difficult to architect. Creating a content strategy obviously must precede content marketing, but your brand must have some marketing fundamentals in place to enable that process to occur.

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    • How to use social proof in your marketing campaign

      When most people try to develop a marketing campaign, they focus on making a sale to potential users. Sometimes, that sale is literal, such as getting a user to buy a product; other times, it’s figurative, such as persuading a user to fill out a contact form or merely convince them that your brand is an authority in your industry.

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  • The rise of bad content marketing advice

    … feed has become. These articles, columns and blog posts are overwhelmingly prescriptive and highly tactical. They almost without exception start with “content marketing” and disregard the much more fundamental question of content strategy. Their point of departure is often about how to reach a specific audience, or how to create content…

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  • 5 quick web page fixes any blogger can make

    … in your headline. Here’s how to label a subhead as an H2 in WordPress. Highlight your text and find the drop-down menu in the toolbar: 2. Promote your new content on your website’s home page or section pages Do your blog posts live on their own island? Usually, there are five ways you can find a new piece of content on a website: External marketing…

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  • 5 storytelling triggers that spur your readers to take action

    … Every day, countless numbers of potential customers are walking away from buying, clicking, opting in and so on because the content creator wasted an attempt to win over their minds. When you miss an opportunity to capture someone’s mind with your content, chances are, turning that new viewer into a return visitor are slim to none — much less…

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  • Are you writing too much content?

    … even more interesting! So, if what you’re writing ends up looking like this page (which, incidentally, I split up and rearranged into columns to make it easier to absorb)… … do you honestly think anyone is going to read your content? And even if your customers have a specific question that is answered perfectly in your content, what are the odds…

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  • Content marketing ideation: Where do good ideas come from?

    … It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in 2017 … wow. The start of a new year is a great time to review your current content marketing program and see how you’re doing. Is it time to change things up a bit for the new year or are you A-OK just cruising along as is? Let me give you a hint: it’s the former, not the latter in most instances. When…

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  • The cure for content shock

    … and an overall downward spiral in your business. Time to switch it up To increase the effectiveness of their content marketing, marketers are trying all kinds of tactics, from changing up their headlines to publishing on new channels. Unfortunately, with the odds stacked so heavily against you, getting your customers to sit up and notice your brand…

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  • 5 tips for content marketing success in 2017

    … It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the end of 2016 and time to move on to 2017. Crazy, right? I know! Anyway, as 2016 draws to a close, I want to get us thinking about how we can improve our content marketing programs in 2017 and beyond. So, here are five tips that will help lead you to success in the new year. 1. Think before you plan Spend…

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  • User intent: Why organic content trumps social media

    … airings of shows as permanent website content is to on-demand programming. And we all know what we prefer: DVR content we can pull up if we want, when we want — and we can skip the commercials! How social and content can support each other Social absolutely has a place in content marketing. I believe it’s valuable in promoting the original content…

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