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    • The 4 truths of programmatic marketing

      How has your communication planning changed over the last 10 years? How do you connect the tech and digital experience with your brand? Arguably, finding the perfect blend of messaging, channel and context to optimize your activity has never been easier. Today, technology makes it easier to store, synthesize, then distill data into useful, sharable actions — well, that’s the theory anyway.

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    • What if Super Bowl commercials were like digital ads?

      Picture this. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Last play. Patriots trail by four. Tom Brady fires a pass to Julian Edelman at the back of the end zone. Touchdown. But wait. Was Edelman inbound or not? Hard to say. A replay review will determine if the call stands and the Patriots win — or if the call is reversed and the Falcons win. The suspense builds.

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  • The evolution required to achieve a sustainable online ecosystem

    Ad blocking certainly got the industry talking in 2016. It was included for the first time on Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising and cited as a critical issue in LUMA’s annual State of Digital Media report. It also acted as a positive catalyst for change with increased emphasis on creating high-quality, targeted ad campaigns, as illustrated by ini ...

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  • What does’s profit model pivot say about the future of online advertising?

    Online advertising, and especially its bulky older brother, “programmatic,” are darlings of the digital marketing world. Even folks who typically focus on the content and SEO side are dipping into the implications of bot-driven ads. The ability to deliver highly targeted display ads and sponsored content to key consumer segments, with (literally) super-human speed and precis ...

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  • Why B2B marketers should care about whitelisting

    A company’s most valuable asset is often its brand — so brand safety is a big concern for most businesses. No brand wants its products associated with hate speech, porn or extreme politics, which is something that marketing technology companies understand and deal with on a daily basis. While industry experts are still debating which method is best for ensuring brand safety ...

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  • How programmatic and header bidding will disrupt all media in 2017

    … Header bidding is all the rage in the programmatic ecosystem at the moment, and it signals a significant shift in the way advertising is bought and sold. Surprisingly, I predicted this evolution when I wrote “The Eyes Have It: How to Market in an Age of Divergent Consumers, Media Chaos and Advertising Anarchy” in late 2006 or 2007 (Yikes, 10…

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  • 10 behavioral science principles for great digital creative

    … obvious] — the attention of its recipients.” Simon wrote this prior to computers becoming commonplace — and, of course, before smartphones were ubiquitous. In the subsequent years, the tension between information and attention has gotten even more extreme. As advertising creativity also grows in complexity to acclimate to new environments, how…

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  • First you thought your brand dollars were safe… then fake news happened

    … to be interesting news. The concept is very similar to “clickbait.” Clickbait is web content that aims to increase advertising revenue by relying on sensational headlines to attract readers and increase site visits. These websites are often characterized as low-quality, and they’re mainly used to attract readers to click to view the content. Fake news…

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  • Digital or TV? The false dichotomy in advertising

    … blurred. It’s now possible to accurately measure and target TV advertising, and digital media can be just as impactful as TV. The media must take its fair share of the blame in propagating the digital-conquering-TV myth, with reports of increased digital spend frequently focusing on how much of it will be taken from budgets previously allocated…

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  • How you should be leveraging native ads in 2017

    … As advertisers plan 2017 media budgets, native advertising needs to be a discussion point. While many interpretations exist, the most agreed-upon definition of native advertising is “a form of paid media in which the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.” Essentially, an ad…

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  • The truth about transparency in digital advertising

    … audiences. It understandably becomes harder to reliably identify and key in on similar nuances when data is aggregated up to a platform or audience level, which is more of a summary in nature. 3. Will we have the ability to measure and act on incrementality? A succinct definition of revenue incrementality comes from this column written by Sebastien…

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  • A different view on viewability

    … the question: Does viewability have the potential to make digital advertising work better? How we got here with viewability When viewability first hit the scene, people from the ad network and media arbitrage community, along with those of us (me included) who have a history in dealing with large numbers of impressions, didn’t fret too much about the new…

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