How To Guides: Display Advertising

    • Digital advertising’s perverse incentives

      In digital advertising, as in life, it’s important to start with the desired end in mind. There’s a well-worn tale about a city slicker who gets lost while driving the back-country roads of Maine en route to the capital city. After driving for what seems like an eternity on unmarked roads, he comes upon a farmer on a tractor in his field.

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    • Audiences: It’s not just ‘who’ — it’s ‘where’ and ‘when’

      Direct response marketers think that brand marketers have it easy (not really), because most brand marketing plans are centered around discussions of audience demographics, psychographics, personas, or even household-based consumer lifestyle segmentations. These elements — all of which focus on the “who” — combine and become a primary focus of the media plan, and then ad plac ...

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  • Are you grateful for digital? Part 2: Q&A

    … In my most recent column, I challenged you to ask if you were grateful for digital. I argued that while marketers claim to be customer-centric, our campaigns rely more on our need to meet sales goals than any objective of the customers. Well, it got me thinking, do others have similar feelings? Are they grateful for digital? I asked Lynn…

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  • My advice to Google and Facebook on brand safety

    What do buzzwords and populism have to do with one other? Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the latest buzzword, “brand safety,” as major advertisers like Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Verizon and hundreds of others have pulled their advertising from YouTube and Google Display Network because it was showing up next to hate-promoting videos.

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  • Where does your programmatic spend go?

    … like to show you how a typical spend is converted into media inventory. I hope this will be a useful insight into an area of advertising that has for too long been opaque. I also hope it will provide some balance to an ongoing media narrative about the wastefulness of programmatic, which, for all of its issues, offers advertisers so much more than…

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  • Are you grateful for digital?

    … that shiny new toy? So really, who can blame consumers for blocking ads? The marketer has trained the consumer to be an intrinsic ad blocker, ignoring everything. When we’re driven to creating ever more intrusive ads, it’s the only way they can preserve their own user experience. The marketer must find a way to reach consumers that’s unobtrusive…

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  • Header bidding: What marketers need to know

    … is the most important advancement in ad tech since the introduction of real-time bidding. In the early days of RTB, publishers were hesitant to adopt it. They feared it would cannibalize their direct sales or introduce downward pricing pressure, which impeded the adoption of programmatic ad technology. As a result, marketers only had programmatic access…

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  • How to fight against online ad fraud (in 6 steps)

    … How do you fight ad misplacement and fraudulent advertising? First of all, it’s hard. No media buyer can guarantee complete brand safety, nor can they ensure that every single impression is from a real person rather than a bot. A percentage of any digital advertising spend, at least for the foreseeable future, will either be wasted on non-human…

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  • Whitelists vs. blacklists for programmatic media

    … Is your strategy whitelist, blacklist or no-list? Unfortunately, programmatic display can be quite complex regardless of which DSP (demand-side platform) you use to execute your buys. For many years, media buyers and ad operations teams used blacklists when accessing programmatic display inventory. If an undesirable site showed up in reporting…

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  • The 4 truths of programmatic marketing

    … How has your communication planning changed over the last 10 years? How do you connect the tech and digital experience with your brand? Arguably, finding the perfect blend of messaging, channel and context to optimize your activity has never been easier. Today, technology makes it easier to store, synthesize, then distill data into useful…

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  • The evolution required to achieve a sustainable online ecosystem

    … Ad blocking certainly got the industry talking in 2016. It was included for the first time on Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising and cited as a critical issue in LUMA’s annual State of Digital Media report. It also acted as a positive catalyst for change with increased emphasis on creating high-quality, targeted ad…

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