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  • How digital advertising will change with today’s political climate

    I just sent the following email to an Austin, Texas-based colleague: Hey ______, Are you aware that an ad for your company, with your name on it, appears on Breitbart’s home page? Screen shot attached. Best, Rebecca I also tweeted out the alert, copying Sleeping Giants, a coalition “trying to stop racist websites by stopping their ad dollars.

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  • 10 behavioral science principles for great digital creative

    … obvious] — the attention of its recipients.” Simon wrote this prior to computers becoming commonplace — and, of course, before smartphones were ubiquitous. In the subsequent years, the tension between information and attention has gotten even more extreme. As advertising creativity also grows in complexity to acclimate to new environments, how…

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  • First you thought your brand dollars were safe… then fake news happened

    … to be interesting news. The concept is very similar to “clickbait.” Clickbait is web content that aims to increase advertising revenue by relying on sensational headlines to attract readers and increase site visits. These websites are often characterized as low-quality, and they’re mainly used to attract readers to click to view the content. Fake news…

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  • Digital or TV? The false dichotomy in advertising

    … blurred. It’s now possible to accurately measure and target TV advertising, and digital media can be just as impactful as TV. The media must take its fair share of the blame in propagating the digital-conquering-TV myth, with reports of increased digital spend frequently focusing on how much of it will be taken from budgets previously allocated…

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  • How you should be leveraging native ads in 2017

    … As advertisers plan 2017 media budgets, native advertising needs to be a discussion point. While many interpretations exist, the most agreed-upon definition of native advertising is “a form of paid media in which the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.” Essentially, an ad…

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  • The truth about transparency in digital advertising

    … Look through the websites of technology providers throughout the advertising ecosystem, and you’re bound to see some variation of the word “transparent” as a key value proposition across many of them. My employer, Nanigans, is no exception. It’s presently a hot term for online advertising in general, particularly in light of a report…

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  • A different view on viewability

    … of their ad was visible in the consumer’s browser for at least one full second, their budgets wouldn’t be hit. Everyone seemed to agree that viewability was a step in the right direction to making digital advertising work better. Has viewability improved advertising? To be fair, it’s had its stumbles coming out of the gate, so let me rephrase…

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  • The insider’s guide to choosing a programmatic buying platform

    … Readers of Marketing Land are surely aware of the opportunity with programmatic advertising, whether from the excellent MarTech Landscape Series or your years of experience. The benefits of programmatic are clear: Using data and technology increases efficiency and improves campaign performance. The next big question, though, is how to actually…

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  • Authentic storytelling: 5 rules for the new frontier of marketing

    In ye olde advertising world, broadcast time was the most scarce resource in marketing; the most influential campaigns were the ones that best leveraged 30-second soundbites. In the brave new digital world, media space has become virtually infinite, and the scarcest resource has become trust; the most influential campaigns are those which create a lasting bond with their con ...

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  • Why building relevant ads in a cookie-free world comes down to context

    … Targeted ads work. If the rise of digital has taught marketers anything, it’s that advertising must be highly relevant to achieve any kind of cut-through, but there is one proviso: consumers are willing to accept targeted ads­­ only if they do not intrude on their privacy. According to a Millward Brown survey exploring video — the ad format…

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  • Viewability is a big part of the journey, but it’s not the destination

    …. But then we dropped the hammer. “The most important reason to put more money into online media is real and accurate measurement.” We preached the power of digital measurement. No more panels. No more extrapolations from limited data sets. From now on, our advertising dollars would be spent on real impressions. How times have changed. The controversy over…

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  • The evolution of the programmatic superchannel

    … Semantics has always been a key marketing component. That’s how “used cars” became “pre-owned vehicles.” And lately, we’ve seen digital marketers get bogged down in semantic table tennis in the discussion of the terms “multichannel” and “omnichannel.” Six of one, half a dozen of the other? If you can’t distinguish between multichannel…

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  • Keep it simple: 10 digital brand metrics that matter

    … Chartbeat reported similar results, saying that when visitors “read more … they’re more apt to recall the brand that advertises next to that content.” These first two metrics reveal how many chances an ad has to do its job. Marketers must also measure if an ad can break through the digital advertising clutter, if the viewer can recall it and if it’s…

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