How To Guides: Email Marketing

    • How to grow your email marketing list without resorting to shortcuts

      Increasing the number of contacts in an email list is a near-universal goal for email marketers. However, many marketers make the mistake of buying lists as a shortcut to the end goal of reaching their quota or in the hopes of increasing their reach and engagement. It may seem like more email addresses will result in more leads, but purchasing lists has the opposite effect.

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    • Why email marketing has lasted five times longer than your first marriage

      Like a marriage, email marketing is based on a relationship between two interested parties: a brand and a consumer. But while the average first marriage only lasts about eight years, email marketing has been around for nearly 40 years. So, how has email marketing beaten the odds, even when critics said that email was an all-but-dead channel? And more importantly, what lies a ...

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    • Reducing chaos and stress in email marketing

      Email is a powerful medium. It has a unique combination of scale and speed. It’s one of the few levers marketers have to drive short-term results, from online revenue to event registration to app downloads and so on. And because it is relatively low-cost on a per-piece or cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis, it doesn’t get the planning and discipline that a channel like direct mail ...

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  • Email vs. social: Which works best for B2C?

    … If you’re a busy professional with a digital company, you’ve likely lamented a thousand times over where to focus your limited resources. Email marketing and social media are two marketing tactics with a bundle of buzz, but which will give you the most efficient and effective results? Email and social media are two completely different beasts…

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  • Personalization in a post-brick-and-mortar world

    … and how often. Recipients love to be in the driver’s seat, so allow them to make the decision on receiving messages, and they will be more likely to engage with the content. Additionally, try implementing birthday emails into your marketing strategy. Birthday emails that offer special deals are one the best ways to send personalized messages…

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  • Email shines even brighter with Gmail and Google Wallet

    … of digital marketing — a user’s email address is the key to digital identification across all channels. Your email address is what you use to log into your device — desktop, tablet, phone — as well as apps, websites and accounts. When you buy a new device, the first thing Android or iOS/Apple asks after you choose your language is your email address…

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  • 3 brands that do email marketing right

    …, eBay and REI (disclosure: Uber and eBay are clients). Here’s how these three retailers provide a good case study in effective email marketing. Uber A portion of Uber’s email traffic is transactional in nature; their emails serve to close the loop on a ride. You step out of an Uber, and within seconds, you receive an email notification informing…

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  • Make me an offer: Rating the effectiveness of common email offers

    …. About The Author Jason Warnock is the vice president of market intelligence and deliverability for Yesmail Interactive. A seasoned digital marketing veteran, he spearheaded the development of the Yesmail Market Intelligence tool that tracks the campaigns of competitors across eight digital channels, including email and social media. Warnock has designed and executed successful technology and business strategies for several Fortune 500 companies. …

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  • 6 tips to get subscribers to open marketing emails

    … While there are several email metrics you should track, a vital way to gauge the health of your email program is to monitor your email open rates. If your emails are being met with radio silence, it’s safe to say recipients aren’t taking any next steps. With recipients’ inboxes becoming increasingly inundated with marketing emails, this should…

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  • Email in 2017: Dying platform or still a worthy investment?

    … communications space? The “marketing clouds” appear to be getting bigger, but that hasn’t stopped the industry from growing new, highly specialized point solutions that address new channels, consumer behaviors and the swelling treasure trove of data available to marketers today., Fundraising In 2015, SparkPost (then Message Systems) raised $21…

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  • Why email is taking center stage in marketing innovation

    … Most marketers plan to maintain or increase their investments in marketing innovation this year. But here’s the catch: They’re hedging their bets by expanding innovation in reliable channels like email rather than rolling the dice on unproven marketing tactics. Email marketing is a prime target for innovation in 2017 Marketing innovation…

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  • 5 tips for sending an email blast without getting blacklisted

    … maximum efficiency. Below are five tips for sending blasts that will help ensure your email marketing messages get delivered to the most engaged recipients and keep brands off the blacklist. 1. Check your blacklist status regularly Marketers don’t always automatically receive notifications when they’ve been blacklisted, so it’s up to the marketer…

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  • Are you buying #AlternativeEmailFacts as truth?

    … of the truth, we’re in dark times. My colleague, Kevin Mandeville, lightened things up a little by poking some fun at Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway’s assertion of alternative facts by creating the #AlternativeEmailFacts hashtag. He used the hashtag on some dubious statements about email marketing and encouraged others to join in. And join…

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  • 7 easy wins to add to your email marketing to-do list

    … Email is always evolving, so marketers’ email marketing programs must always be changing as well to ensure that they’re still relevant to consumers and that they create great subscriber experiences. With that in mind, here are seven relatively easy wins to consider adding to your email marketing to-do list this year: 1. Use more retina…

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