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    • Why email is taking center stage in marketing innovation

      Most marketers plan to maintain or increase their investments in marketing innovation this year. But here’s the catch: They’re hedging their bets by expanding innovation in reliable channels like email rather than rolling the dice on unproven marketing tactics. Email marketing is a prime target for innovation in 2017 Marketing innovation is a top priority for marketers this y ...

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    • 6 tips to get subscribers to open marketing emails

      While there are several email metrics you should track, a vital way to gauge the health of your email program is to monitor your email open rates. If your emails are being met with radio silence, it’s safe to say recipients aren’t taking any next steps. With recipients’ inboxes becoming increasingly inundated with marketing emails, this should come as no surprise.

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    • Email in 2017: Dying platform or still a worthy investment?

      Email has proven to be a solid investment; over the past few years, it’s seen over $365 million in investment across a broad range of email-centric companies. In 2016, we saw a flurry of funding events, exits, consolidation and divestments. This series of events begs the question: Which way are the winds blowing for companies in the digital communications space? The “marketi ...

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  • Make me an offer: Rating the effectiveness of common email offers

    … Offers and promotions are the bread and butter of email marketing. Give subscribers a reason — any reason — to act, and it’s all but inevitable that your campaign will become an occasion for brand glory and killer business outcomes, right? We all know it’s not that simple. At Yes Lifecycle Marketing, my employer, our latest research shows…

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  • 5 tips for sending an email blast without getting blacklisted

    … maximum efficiency. Below are five tips for sending blasts that will help ensure your email marketing messages get delivered to the most engaged recipients and keep brands off the blacklist. 1. Check your blacklist status regularly Marketers don’t always automatically receive notifications when they’ve been blacklisted, so it’s up to the marketer…

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  • Are you buying #AlternativeEmailFacts as truth?

    … of the truth, we’re in dark times. My colleague, Kevin Mandeville, lightened things up a little by poking some fun at Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway’s assertion of alternative facts by creating the #AlternativeEmailFacts hashtag. He used the hashtag on some dubious statements about email marketing and encouraged others to join in. And join…

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  • 7 easy wins to add to your email marketing to-do list

    … Email is always evolving, so marketers’ email marketing programs must always be changing as well to ensure that they’re still relevant to consumers and that they create great subscriber experiences. With that in mind, here are seven relatively easy wins to consider adding to your email marketing to-do list this year: 1. Use more retina…

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  • 4 ways to win the inbox in 2017

    … channels, email will remain central to this effort, as marketers try to get a 360-degree view of their customers and campaigns. And this is likely to continue beyond 2017. According to Litmus, 46 percent of marketers believe the ROI for email marketing will be higher by the year 2020 than it is now. What are you doing to take your email marketing…

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  • The 12 stages of email marketing’s evolution: Past and future

    … create messaging that’s designed to be read aloud. While email is a well-established technology, it isn’t a static one. Email content, email clients and how marketers create emails will all change in the years ahead. Stay nimble, email marketers! Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing…

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  • 5 steps to making ‘SENSE’ of early lifecycle marketing

    … greeted with a well-planned first-time buyer program, which you can read more about here in a previous column. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Jordan Elkind heads the product team at Custora, an advanced customer analytics platform for e-commerce retailers. Prior to joining Custora, he earned an MBA from Wharton and worked in marketing analytics at Citi Cards. …

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  • Getting the most out of your holiday emails

    … It can be difficult to cut through all of the email noise during the holidays, but there are certain tips all email marketers should follow to get the most out of their campaigns and to provide their subscribers with the messages they’re most interested in receiving. Practicing good email hygiene and customizing messaging based on your…

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  • 6 ways marketers try to manipulate subscribers and why we should stop

    … Brands everywhere are embracing customer-centricity, but many relics of brand-centric thinking are still out there. This is definitely the case in email marketing, where we often vilify inbox providers and second-guess our subscribers’ intentions and intelligence. As we approach the New Year, let’s resolve to focus more on serving our…

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  • Mastering the email ecosystem for effective marketing

    … deliverability and ROI. This begins with understanding the ins and outs of the ecosystem. Learn the rules of email Before implementing an email marketing campaign, marketers need to understand the laws and policies that surround email, specifically spam, to ensure their mail is authentic and wanted. Two of the most important laws are: CAN-SPAM: Enacted…

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  • The hierarchy of subscriber needs: Key success & failure metrics

    … the appropriate expectations for how many emails the subscriber will receive and what content will be in those emails. The key success metric for respectful email experiences is high open rates. Functional email experiences The next level up is functional experiences, a goal that is particularly difficult in the complex world of email marketing. The basics…

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  • How to find the email personalization sweet spot

    … Personalizing messages through targeted email marketing creates value in customer communications, but sometimes brands can get too personal. Finding the right balance when sending personalized messages to recipients can be tricky. But understanding purchase behavior, knowing when to withhold information and looking beyond opens and clicks…

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  • The genius of easy-click emails

    … is an email marketing device that drives conversions by simplifying the user response. Instead of overwhelming users with copy and a complex menu of options, easy-click emails plainly and clearly present a single question and two or three visual responses. Easy-click emails make it convenient for users to respond on mobile (which is becoming…

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