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  • 8 tips from 7 months of local sponsorship marketing

    Coca-Cola "Why We Sponsor" worldwide campaign. With Orchestral FilmScore composed by: Federico Jusid Agency: McCann Worldsgroup/ McCann Spain Las hazañas de los mejores deportistas de la historia han provocado un efecto dominó en la sociedad, logrando que millones de personas prac ...

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  • 4 digital marketing tactics for local reach

    … demographic with location, and targeting needs to be on point. Automating local listings and AdWords campaigns is a step in the right direction, but what about the types of campaigns that can’t be robotized? How does a brand get personal from 2,000 miles away? This post will offer four campaign ideas that optimize local marketing efforts for target…

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  • Why big brands sponsor Little League (and why you might want to, too)

    … Whether you’re a local business looking for more walk-ins or a startup launching in select regions across the US, your marketing team needs to access people who live, work, eat and play locally to your target city. Sponsorships of events and nonprofits provide this way “in” to a local community. They’re personal and relaxed, and they’re…

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  • The big picture guide to local SEO: ranking in 2016 & beyond

    Local SEO is getting more difficult for many businesses. Google’s move from seven to three listings in the local pack, and the threat of various ads in the local space, has created a fiercely competitive environment for local businesses. Suffice it to say, if you wish to rank in that three pack in 2016 and beyond, your local SEO has to be 100 percent on point.

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  • How To Localize Google Search Results

    … location” may give you a little hope; there’s an answer box, and even a support article entitled, “Change your location on Google.” Problem solved? Unfortunately, no. Google’s idea of being helpful is telling you how to change the auto-detected search location (usually by IP) to a “more precise” location they select for you, usually based on search…

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  • Definitive Guide To Duplicate Research For Local SEO

    … Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Joy Hawkins is a Local SEO expert who is a part of Google's Top Contributor program & MapMaker Regional Leads program. She regularly contributes to many online communities in the Local SEO world, including the Google My Business forum (Top Contributor), the Local Search Forum…

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  • Click-to-Call & Paid Search: Best Practices And Secrets From The Pros

    … Research from Google has shown that the most common response to a mobile, local search is a phone call. Advertisers have caught on, widely adopting click-to-call ad units in Google and Bing. In fact, consumers are expected to click-to-call directly from paid search ads to the tune of $4 billion in advertising spend in 2016. How does a marketer…

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  • 3 Ways To Maximize Data And Increase Engagement Across Email Communications

    … With Web-based communications infiltrating all aspects of life, email has become one of the best ways for businesses to communicate with their users. Knowing how to best communicate and market goods and services to customers via email is key to business success and expansion. No matter what type of marketing email you’re sending — whether…

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