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    • Digital analytics industry veteran roundup: What’s in store for 2017

      Last year at this time, an impressive group of data and analytics industry specialists answered a single question in preparation for the year to come: “What gets you out of bed in the morning when you think forward to data and analytics in 2016?” Their answers did not disappoint, so here’s an update to what industry advocates, colleagues, friends, and even my close competitors in digital ana.

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    • How analytics data should fuel creativity

      We’ve all been hearing that the quality of the customer’s experience is now what determines the success of a brand’s efforts. But, did you know that it is predicted that by 2020, 85 percent of a customer’s relationship with a brand will lack any human interaction? If that proves true, then dynamic and personalized digital interactions will be more important than ever.

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    • The tracking trap in digital marketing

      In Google’s early days — when online marketing was still a novelty avoided by most large advertisers — then-CEO Eric Schmidt acerbically quipped that “the last bastion of unaccountable spending” was the corporate marketing department. Schmidt’s comment was no doubt intended to contrast the measurability of online marketing against the opaqueness of traditional media.

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  • Cheap data: You are about to get so much better at marketing

    … on his list was “Marketing software is too hard to use.” I think he’s right there, too. And I think we will overcome these issues. Why? The cost of collecting data is now less than the cost of not collecting data. Organizations are throwing money at anyone who knows how to apply this data. The tools are maturing. In 2017, we will see a move from…

    Brian Massey/ Marketing Land- 17 readers -
  • How to get the most value from your marketing metrics

    … Digital, 57 percent of senior marketers are satisfied with how much influence data has over their marketing decisions, and 56 percent are satisfied with how easily they can access the data they need. In more good news, The Analytics Advantage, a report published by Deloitte on the state of data analytics in successful businesses, claims…

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  • 5 New Year’s resolutions for analytics

    … just freed up? Well, how about doing deeper analysis — not just reporting out on how many page views or transactions or upsells or MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) were generated in the last period, but digging into why that happened and how to improve in the future. If done well, your always-on dashboards will free up a lot of time for analysis…

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  • Why marketers must be data-driven

    … In today’s highly competitive digital economy, the result that counts is revenue, and the only way to ensure your marketing team delivers that result is through data-driven marketing. This may seem simple, but many B2B marketers face a data dilemma: either they lack the data they need to make effective business decisions or they lack…

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  • Social CMO to social CMI: the insight-driven evolution in the enterprise

    … Earlier this year, we discussed the importance of leveraging social data to impact your organization’s marketing efforts. We focused on the importance of having a data-driven chief marketing officer (CMO) gathering data from social platforms, extracting actionable insights from them and proving to other C-levels how useful social data can…

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  • Activate your audience with a ‘measurement framework’

    … opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Nick Iyengar is an Associate Director of Digital Intelligence at Cardinal Path, where he is responsible for helping his clients improve their profitability by building their analytics capabilities…

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  • Your best users: Where they are and how to find them

    … help you. I’m a conversion optimizer and am fanatical about web analytics and data. It’s what I am. It’s what I do. In my world, everything starts and ends with analytics and conversions. By now, you have probably said to yourself, “Why do I care about this?” Here is why. It bugs me to no end when someone says they “think” they know who…

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  • Personas, polls and personalization: What’s behind the election of our lives?

    … the creepiness level of Pollyhop. Still, data has become a major focal point of the 2016 presidential race. While I’m endlessly intrigued by the heated debates — and even the not-so-presidential mudslinging that’s happening — I’m equally amazed by the sheer level of data-driven marketing that’s steering this unwieldy ship. It’s not Pollyhop, but it’s still…

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  • Customer journeys, blind spots & burgers: Lessons from fast-food marketing

    …, this is the lens that turns a “nice-to-have” marketing insights report into a CEO “must-read.” So how can marketers fine-tune their analytics game to shed light where it’s most needed? Here are a few lessons from QSR marketing: 1. Choose your battles First things first — pick your fight. Are you looking to tackle a single competitor? Expand…

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  • Tired of broken promises from politicians? Demand KPIs!

    … the pages of Marketing Land, right? Well, as crazy as it might sound, applying the principles of digital marketing to politics might be just what the country needs. There are two fundamental problems with our electoral system. First, the issues politicians run on are defined by the politician, not by the electorate. In other words, when…

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  • How to drive real, measurable value with purchase intent analysis

    … In its simplest form, predictive analytics helps to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. In other words, you take the data you do have to predict the data you don’t have. Of all the tricks in the predictive analytics bag, purchase intent can be one of the most exciting, mostly because in the digital world, it’s…

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  • Leverage your marketing data: 9 FAQs to get you started

    … more precisely what your ideal customer looks like — and to find them in media spaces. Who should consider leveraging third-party data? How advanced does your marketing need to be for it to make sense to make the investment? Given how readily available and accessible third-party data has become, I’d say everyone should be using it. (Who doesn’t want…

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  • Blinded by data: 5 ways to deal with data overload

    … For marketers, the mandate to drive revenue has led to an explosion of analytics solutions. There’s a dashboard for virtually every marketing metric you can think of — buzz, sentiment, NPS (Net Promoter Score), brand engagement and several other voice-of-customer visualizations. But the barrage of bar charts blinking in the faces of marketers…

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