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  • Self-serve analytics: Dream or reality?

    … of analytics as a self-serve resource that takes root once an implementation is complete and yields fruit forever after. I prefer to be a bit more pragmatic — rather than chasing a vision of “self-serve,” I try to help organizations get to a place where analytics creates consistent value, regardless of exactly how that happens. In the real world…

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  • 4 advanced targeting strategies for B2B marketers

    … The digital world gets noisier every day. That’s why it’s becoming more and more important in B2B marketing that we truly understand the multiple stakeholders that make up our target audience, their unique worldview, the specific problems they are trying to solve, and the impact they each are trying to make within their organizations. There…

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  • UTM tags + Facebook ads = awesome

    … Last-click attribution marketers cringe when they think of Facebook Ads Manager’s reporting. The closest you can get to last-click attribution is one day after click. That’s simply not good enough when you’re used to Google Analytics holding your hand and showing you which source is creating conversions. If your business is testing out…

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  • Why brick-and-mortar retailers need to go digital with analytics

    … percent of post-millennials do most of their shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. While brick-and-mortar retailers have the advantage of face-to-face interaction, online retailers have made hay in another area: analytics. Using their online platforms, they collect data from and about shoppers and mine it for gold — in the form of demographics…

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  • Are you leveraging these underutilized Google Analytics features?

    … Comparison and Data Driven Attribution* reports to understand how your different campaigns are impacting the final conversions along the path to purchase. *GA360 only Enabling Google integrations Google Analytics is, of course, a Google product, and over the years, they’ve done a really good job of seamlessly integrating the tool across a host of other…

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  • Devices don’t buy products; people do

    … to the same person, thereby increasing our advertising value and informing our strategy. The challenge with this deterministic approach is that it’s oriented entirely around purchasing media with a specific company. Now it’s no longer the marketer’s customer, and you’re locked into buying media on their channel. Another approach is probabilistic…

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  • Increase the impact of your testing program in 2017

    … Many organizations are still new to the world of testing and optimization. Indeed, our “State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 1000 Online Retailers” report showed that just 18 percent of the retailers ranked number 501 to 1000 in the list of the largest retailers are using testing and optimization tools. For organizations like these…

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  • 9 studies for landing pages that work

    … design? Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Brian Massey is the Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences and author of Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Forumulas of The Conversion Scientist. Conversion Sciences specializes in A/B Testing of websites. Follow Brian on Twitter @bmassey …

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  • The tracking trap in digital marketing

    …, I think the proper path forward is to improve the measurability of a brand but to hold it to a lower standard of measurability than online marketing. Improving measurability is already happening. In-store beacons help measure the impact of advertising on retail; probabilistic and deterministic attribution can show how offline advertising impacts…

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  • Cheap data: You are about to get so much better at marketing

    … was wrong with the page. We paid eye-tracking firm about $250. Something has changed. While we had our heads down, positioning products, creating campaigns, managing vendors and agonizing over copy, something definitely changed. In 2016, global brands continued to brand themselves. Marketing departments continued to do more with fewer…

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  • Digital analytics industry veteran roundup: What’s in store for 2017

    … will require commitments to systems, processes, people, mastery of core implementation and analysis skills from the start, and of course budgets, but if you can begin to score wins across the multiplicity of devices, channels and datasets, you will have laid a foundation for a sophisticated analytics practice and competitive advantage through data…

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  • How analytics data should fuel creativity

    We’ve all been hearing that the quality of the customer’s experience is now what determines the success of a brand’s efforts. But, did you know that it is predicted that by 2020, 85 percent of a customer’s relationship with a brand will lack any human interaction? If that proves true, then dynamic and personalized digital interactions will be more important than ever.

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  • How to get the most value from your marketing metrics

    … Digital, 57 percent of senior marketers are satisfied with how much influence data has over their marketing decisions, and 56 percent are satisfied with how easily they can access the data they need. In more good news, The Analytics Advantage, a report published by Deloitte on the state of data analytics in successful businesses, claims…

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